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My One True Life by wayward heart
September 2015
1As the Gentle Rain From Heaven
2Quote Du Jour
3An Outing For Nougat
4The Daily Nougat
5Interesting Weather We're Having
6Seeing Dad
7Breathing Space
8Hit The Rack, Ronnie
10Bygone Meals
11Gremlin Dog
12A Good Noogie Day
13Quote Du Jour
14A Sit Outside Kind of Day
15Can You Imagine?
16Taking Myself To Breakfast
19Non Rolling Peas
20I Want Your Mommy!!
21Time To Oil My Mother
23It Ain't Over Till......
24Monster In the Garage
25Mist Over The Lake
26Nougat and Her Wonder Tongue
27BANG!!! BANG!!!
28Crappy Day
29Nothing Much.....But There It Is
30I Had A Title This Morning, But I've Forgotten It Now.....

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Crappy Day
September 28, 2015

Just been one of 'those' days. Didn't feel like doing a damn thing. My one accomplishment was making a batch of maple walnut ice cream.....and even that took me almost the entire afternoon....just couldn't seem to get myself together.

It started at 6:30 this morning, when Nougat woke me up to go out. As soon as I walked outdoors, the humidity hit me like a sledgehammer. It sucked the breath right out of me, and for the rest of the day, I've had a crushing headache.....which gets worse every time I have to go outside....and naturally, with Nougat, I have to go outside nearly every 2-3 hours! (for no particular reason other than she's 'bored' and won't go out without me)

I made lunch for all of us around noon (oh, see, I DID accomplish something useful!). I made a lovely omelet with zucchini, ham, cheese, and onions. It was delicious, but since eating, my stomach's been feeling sort of "off". Not quite nauseous, but a bit queasy and iffy.

I tried lying down for awhile this afternoon, but Nougat would have none of it.

So, between the headache, the humidity, and the iffy tummy, I'm also feeling very out of sorts and grumpy.

Mom's also out of sorts, and according to her, Ellie was having a crappy, not-feeling-like-herself kind of day, too. Maybe it's the weather. Too warm, and decidedly too humid.

I think it's finally started to rain. May it bring us some relief, PLEASE!!!!

We didn't get to see the eclipse last night, it was completely overcast. Mom said it cleared up and she saw the moon around 3 am. Big help. Oh well, we'll see it in 2033. Razz

Last night, I went to get in bed around 1 am, and I notice a huge wet spot smack dab in the middle of my bed!! I couldn't believe it! Nougat had peed in my bed! She's never done that before. I can't for the life of me figure out WHEN or WHY she did it. (by the time I discovered it, it was it's not like she'd just done it). We'd all been up watching TV....I sit right by the back door. She never asked to go out.

Needless to say, I was furious when I found pee on my bed. (I thought dogs don't like to relieve themselves where they sleep, and she sleeps on my bed). I really yelled at her. She sat there, in her spot on my bed, and just stared at me. Even when I started stripping the bed and washing the mattress cover (thank god I have a waterproof one, so it didn't soak into my featherbed and ruin it. If it had, I REALLY would have been livid). She sat and watched me work.

Mom, who'd been awakened by my yelling at the dog, came and helped me change the sheets. I washed the spot on the mattress cover, sprayed it with vinegar, layered towels under and over it, and put on clean sheets. Then we finally went to bed.

The little culprit lay in her spot at the foot of the bed, until I passed gas. Then, she jumped off the bed and left! I had to sleep on the edge of the bed to avoid where she PEED......and SHE'S offended by a FART??!?!?!!? GRRRRRRRRRRR.....(yes, I do see the humor in that. But still....GRRRRRRRRRR!!) Irked

So my crappy mood really started last night. And it hasn't improved. I'm not sure it will, either.

Oh, Scott emailed me photos of his injured hand. Gruesome. Just gruesome. But at least he has a sense of humor about it, which is good. Described himself as "Frankenhand". I told him he's all ready for Halloween now.

In the scheme of things, my crappy mood isn't that big a deal, compared to severing a finger and severely damaging the others. He'll have to live with this the rest of his life. My mood will eventually pass (hopefully it'll get better, not worse. But you never know).

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