Today is July 20, 2018
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My One True Life by wayward heart
June 2016
1Happy Birthday, Ellie!
2Havin' A Field Day
3Ladies Only Spa Day
4Another Thrilling Saturday In RetirementLand
5Sweltery Sunday
6Droppin' In For a Chat
7Weathered The Storm. Not Fat, Just Fluffy
8Back to Routine (Grocery Shopping)
9Happy Noogie Day!!!!!
10Happy Birthday, Mom!!
11A New Mom-ism
12Hangin' On a Sunday
13Busy Day in RetirementLand
14A Fungus Among Us
15Hump Day In RetirementLand
16The Early Bird Cooks the Worm
17Turning the Tables, Turning the Pages
18A Couple of Pictures
19Doing Nothing, and Nothing Doing
20Ineffable Moment
22Sugar Kiss
23Book Woes
24Dog Days
25One Ringie Dingie......
26Layin' Low
27Keepin' Cool
28Service With a Smile, and Parting Gifts
29Pies and Laundry
30Menu Planning

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Havin' A Field Day
June 2, 2016

Today was a special day. It marked 4 years since Mom and Brother moved here to FL. It also marked 10 years since my divorce was finalized. A whole decade.

I have to say, the 10 years of independence I had (from 2004 when my ex left me to 2014 when I moved here) were probably the best years of my life. The first few (until the divorce was final) were a little rocky.....going through the divorce process itself pretty much sucked all the way around. But getting through it made me a stronger person, and being on my own was truly a blessing.

While there are things I like about living with my family, I do miss having my independence, and I think I always will.

But, since this was such a special day for all of us, I suggested going out to dinner. My treat. We went to Denny's. OK, it's not fancy or anything, but it's close, relatively inexpensive, and we had a good time.

Mom only asked me once today, "Are you sure you want to spend the money?" I replied, "If I didn't want to, I wouldn't have suggested it." She thankfully dropped the subject. Sheesh! There's frugal, and then there's CHEAP! She's the only person I know who can be cheap with other people's money as well as her own! (on the other hand, she's been known to be pretty free with my money, too)

We got our local weekly newspaper today. In it, there was an article and photos of the elementary school's "Field Day", which brought back stomach clenching memories of my elementary school's Field Days....something I dreaded every year.

Grades 4-6 were divided randomly (roughly half of each of the two classes in each grade) into Blue and Red teams (the younger grades didn't participate in the actual field events, just in the lunch).

There were team and individual track and field events. It was inevitably the hottest day of the year. I hated gym in general, and field day was the worst form of torture I could imagine.

And there was no way out of participating (short of a dr's note, or death). I was hopeless at any sort of I spent most of the day in abject misery.

The only bright spot was lunch. The elementary school did not have a cafeteria or a kitchen. We ate at foldable tables in what was the gym/lunchroom/auditorium, and everyone (including the teachers brought lunch from home)

Except on Field Day. Then we could order a box lunch: a hot dog, milk (even chocolate milk!) and chips. We would order a day or two before, and then, we all ate in our classrooms that one day.

After lunch, we had assembly, and the winners were awarded their individual ribbons, and the winning team for the year was announced.

Needless to say, I never won a ribbon. I don't think my team ever won, either. (if they did, it would've been in spite of me).

I was never so glad to see a school day end as I was on Field Day. I think taking part should have been optional....or there should have been noncompetitive activities for the unathletic, the slow, and the hopelessly uncoordinated.

Does it really promote camaraderie, good sportmanshihp, or physical wellbeing? Aren't there other ways to achieve those ends, without making some kids feel humiliated and inadequate?

Maybe this school does it differently. I like to hope so. I like to think it's a fun day for everyone....even the (and especially) the unathletic.

Anyway, that's been my day. Now it's almost time for "Jeopardy".

I watched a good movie last night on my Kindle. It was called "War Bride". If there's nothing on TV tonight, I may look for another movie on Prime and watch that.
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