Today is July 20, 2018
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My One True Life by wayward heart
June 2016
1Happy Birthday, Ellie!
2Havin' A Field Day
3Ladies Only Spa Day
4Another Thrilling Saturday In RetirementLand
5Sweltery Sunday
6Droppin' In For a Chat
7Weathered The Storm. Not Fat, Just Fluffy
8Back to Routine (Grocery Shopping)
9Happy Noogie Day!!!!!
10Happy Birthday, Mom!!
11A New Mom-ism
12Hangin' On a Sunday
13Busy Day in RetirementLand
14A Fungus Among Us
15Hump Day In RetirementLand
16The Early Bird Cooks the Worm
17Turning the Tables, Turning the Pages
18A Couple of Pictures
19Doing Nothing, and Nothing Doing
20Ineffable Moment
22Sugar Kiss
23Book Woes
24Dog Days
25One Ringie Dingie......
26Layin' Low
27Keepin' Cool
28Service With a Smile, and Parting Gifts
29Pies and Laundry
30Menu Planning

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Weathered The Storm. Not Fat, Just Fluffy
June 7, 2016

Well, we made it through tropical storm Colin. For awhile there, we had a tornado warning, and there was a possible funnel cloud spotted, but fortunately no tornado. We did have lots of wind and rain on and off for most of yesterday....the storm itself didn't hit us till 4 pm.

Fortunately, there were occasional lulls in the weather. It would still be raining, but not torrents, and the wind would die down, so I was able to go out with Nougat so she could do her business.

Around 3 pm, we suddenly heard a loud *BANG* against the family room window. I said I thought a bird had hit the glass. I looked outside and sure enough, there was a bluejay. He was sopping wet, standing on the patio. He didn't appear to be injured, just dazed. He stood there for a few minutes and finally managed to fly away. I'm glad he wasn't hurt, and was able to leave on his own.

Carol called this morning to see how we fared. I thought that was nice of her.

Today was Nougat's vet visit. It went well. She's in good health, the heartworm test came back negative, she got all her shots. Even her weight was good! In fact, she was a pound lighter than she was last year!! I frankly don't believe it, she looks so much pudgier to me than she did when we got her. Apparently, she's not fat, just fluffy.

She was very good at the vet's, except when this yellow lab came in. The dog tried to come over and sniff her, and she went ballistic. Good thing I had hold of her collar, cause she jumped at him and started barking like crazy.

Fortunately, the tech came out just then, and took us back. Nougat wouldn't go in the back with the nice lab girl, so she had to pick her up and carry her. As soon as she tried to pick Nougat up, Nougat piddled on the floor.

She did it again when the tech picked her up to put her on the exam table, too.

The first time I met this vet, I wasn't too enthused about her. She seemed a little brusque to me. But this time, she seemed friendlier, and I liked her more.

At least that's done for another year. Mom offered to pay the vet bill. It was pretty high, including a year's supply of Trifexis, so I really appreciated her doing that.

After the vet, we stopped at the produce market since we were on the right side of the street for it. Nougat and I stayed in the car (I turned on the a/c)

When we got home, there was a message from the vet's office, wanting to update her records: had she been spayed? Uh, duh.....they checked her incision last year....but I guess they never noted it.

Went outside with Nougat. It's hot and humid again (with the threat of showers and thunderstorms pretty much from now till.....November). But sitting in the shade, it's not too bad, especially when the breeze blows, and I can smell the magnolias.

All I need now is a veranda, a wide brimmed straw hat, and a mint julep....and I'll feel like a real Southern Belle. (god forbid!!) I'm not fond of bourbon. I'd rather have a mojito, and I'll always be a New Yorker.

It's time for dinner.....Mom and Brother have already eaten. I had a tuna melt for lunch around 1, and even though it's 6:30 now, I'm really not that hungry. Don't know if it's the heat or what.

I was thinking of making a salad for dinner, with turkey, spinach, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, etc....but that's too damn much work. Maybe a sandwich. (even that seems like too much work). I had cereal for breakfast, but maybe I'll just have another bowl for dinner.

Anyway, that's all I have for today.

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