Today is July 20, 2018
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My One True Life by wayward heart
June 2016
1Happy Birthday, Ellie!
2Havin' A Field Day
3Ladies Only Spa Day
4Another Thrilling Saturday In RetirementLand
5Sweltery Sunday
6Droppin' In For a Chat
7Weathered The Storm. Not Fat, Just Fluffy
8Back to Routine (Grocery Shopping)
9Happy Noogie Day!!!!!
10Happy Birthday, Mom!!
11A New Mom-ism
12Hangin' On a Sunday
13Busy Day in RetirementLand
14A Fungus Among Us
15Hump Day In RetirementLand
16The Early Bird Cooks the Worm
17Turning the Tables, Turning the Pages
18A Couple of Pictures
19Doing Nothing, and Nothing Doing
20Ineffable Moment
22Sugar Kiss
23Book Woes
24Dog Days
25One Ringie Dingie......
26Layin' Low
27Keepin' Cool
28Service With a Smile, and Parting Gifts
29Pies and Laundry
30Menu Planning

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June 21, 2016

Grocery shopping today. And because it wasn't too hot (though it was a warmer day than the last 2), Mom and I decided to take Nooglie with us.

I went outside with her first (in case she had to 'go'...which she did). Usually we stay out for an hour or so in the morning, but today, we came in after only a few minutes. She sat on the rug by the back door and looked quizzically at me, as if she were asking "Can't we go back out?"

So, I asked her, "Do you want to go back outside, or would you like to go bye-bye in the car?"

Well, she knew what I said, cause her face lit up, and she started to race around, especially when she saw me grab her leash from the chair by the back door and head towards my room.

She saw me get her harness, and she jumped right up on the bed and sat down. And she stayed that way, without so much as wiggling while I got her harness on and fastened. AND got her leash on, too!!!

This was quite an accomplishment for her. She's usually so excited about going, that I have to practically tackle her to get her hooked up. One time, I got the harness half on her, and by the time I corralled her again to finish, she had managed to get her leg so tangled up in it, we had to cut it off her, and Mom had to sew it together again!

But today, she was just perfect. I praised her lavishly. Of course, as soon as she was harnessed and leashed, she took off like a madwoman....but what the hell.

She's great in the car, and simply loves getting to go with us. She didn't even bark at the girl who helped Mom load the car. She gave her one little "ARF", just to let her know she saw the girl, and then she watched her load the car. When Mom got in the car, Nougat went over and kissed her face.

We came home, I went out with Nougat, and that's about all I did today. Watched "The Chew", dozed for about 20 minutes, started reading another book (finished one last night).

Brother is working till 10:30 tonight, so Mom and I ate dinner around 4. Then I took a shower. Then I got online to write this, and after this, I guess I'll either go back to my book, or watch some TV.

Mom said something interesting to me in the car this morning. She said now that we've had Nougat for a year, and we know she can reliably be left alone in the house, that I should start getting out. Drive around, join the Friends of the Library, or a club or something.

"What will you do when I'm dead? You need to have friends, have something to do, somewhere to go."

Funny....this from a woman who is as much a homebody as I am. (maybe more). When I first moved here, I wanted to get out and do stuff. But now that I've been here awhile, I'm OK with staying home. I'm not that eager to go out and meet strangers. Not really that keen on 'joining' (never was much of a joiner anyway. I probably wouldn't have joined the Tea Society if Patti hadn't been my neighbor).

I suppose if I made an effort, found something I'd enjoy and got out and got started, I'd get into it and enjoy it....but I'm not motivated to try. At least not at the moment.

Oh, Mom said something else interesting yesterday. We were watching TV and some actor was talking about his vacation to Europe, then Alaska, blah blah blah.

Mom said, "Must be nice to be able to go off and do all that stuff."

I replied, "We could go off and do that stuff, too."

"Sure", she said, "IF we had the money. "If we still had Dad's pension we could do all those things." "

It always irks me when she talks about how we can't do this or that, or buy this or that cause we "don't have money". Not because we're rich, but because I hate living with that kind of mentality.

So, I countered with, "We DO have the money. But we choose to prioritize our spending differently."

She didn't reply to that. I keep trying to get her to see that we DO have 'enough' money (whatever 'enough' means). We're not in debt, we're not destitute. I know she frets constantly ("we can't replace what we spend. Once it's gone, it's gone"), but I hate living under that cloud. I believe we'll always have 'enough'. Will we live lavishly? Probably not......but that doesn't matter to me. Being able to splurge now and again would be nice....and we do. In small ways, perhaps, but that's good. Remodeling the kitchen and doing the floors was expensive, but I consider them investments....not only for the future (if we sell the house), but investments in our comfort and ease of living right now.

We could've used the money to go on a cruise or a trip....and then, in a week or two, the trip would be over, and we'd have lovely memories, but nothing more. Now we have a kitchen that functions well and makes me happy every single day. Pretty good return on our investment, I'd say.

Anyway, it's 5 pm, and Nougat will be wanting supper soon. I'm about out of stuff to say, too. So this is a good place to end.

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