Today is July 20, 2018
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My One True Life by wayward heart
June 2016
1Happy Birthday, Ellie!
2Havin' A Field Day
3Ladies Only Spa Day
4Another Thrilling Saturday In RetirementLand
5Sweltery Sunday
6Droppin' In For a Chat
7Weathered The Storm. Not Fat, Just Fluffy
8Back to Routine (Grocery Shopping)
9Happy Noogie Day!!!!!
10Happy Birthday, Mom!!
11A New Mom-ism
12Hangin' On a Sunday
13Busy Day in RetirementLand
14A Fungus Among Us
15Hump Day In RetirementLand
16The Early Bird Cooks the Worm
17Turning the Tables, Turning the Pages
18A Couple of Pictures
19Doing Nothing, and Nothing Doing
20Ineffable Moment
22Sugar Kiss
23Book Woes
24Dog Days
25One Ringie Dingie......
26Layin' Low
27Keepin' Cool
28Service With a Smile, and Parting Gifts
29Pies and Laundry
30Menu Planning

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Service With a Smile, and Parting Gifts
June 28, 2016

Still no rain, though they're predicting possible showers and t'storms early this evening. I'll believe it when I see it. Right now, it's sweltering outside (heat index is 103. Temp is 87)

I had my yearly eye exam this morning. I was scheduled for 9:30. I left around 9: 15, and got there maybe 5 minutes early. The receptionist handed me a printout of all my medications to go over with the nurse, who took me right away. On the list were two injections. They were dated 12/2, which was the last time I saw my dr. One I recognized as the pneumonia shot (it said, "Pneumo something or other"). The other one, I had no idea what it was. What I DID know, was that I had not received any injections at the dr's.

I pointed that out to the nurse. I remember the dr. 'suggesting' a flu and/or pneumonia shot, and maybe a tetanus shot, but I know I declined. So the nurse checked the dr's notes, and sure enough, they said "recommended". Now I wonder: did my doctor just check off the wrong box? Or did she think I actually got the shots? I know she always seems in a hurry, so maybe she thought she told the nurse to give them to me. But I remember saying "No thanks" why she would've entered them as administered I don't know. Doctors. Sheesh.

Anyway, the nice nurse did the pre-exam stuff, and put in the dilating drops. When she was done, she said, "Look at that! You're all ready for Dr. E, and it's only 9:35! Service with a smile!"

I had to wait a few minutes for the dr., and for the drops to do their dilating. But I don't think I even waited 10 minutes. (unlike my primary doctor's office where you can wait in the exam for well over an hour before seeing the dr. for maybe 5 minutes)

The exam went well. No problems, and I don't have to go back for a year, unless, of course, I develop a problem (let's hope I don't).

I mentioned the occasional dryness/grittiness I get. She recommended lubricating eye drops (which is what I figured she'd do, but I wanted specific recommendations). She gave me a list of a half dozen or so (which of course I couldn't read with my pupils dilated). She was also nice enough to give me 2 sample bottles of one of them. She also suggested that, if I'm planning to read or work on the computer for a prolonged period (which I tend to do), that I put the drops in BEFORE I start reading or 'putering. Then, take a break after a couple hours, and if necessary put in another drop. I thought that was a great suggestion, so I'm passing it along to anyone here who might also get dry eyes from reading. (She did say not to buy any drops that 'get the red out' or are for allergies....just lubrication). I put one bottle right by my recliner, where I do most of my reading, and the other here by the computer.

I love getting 'parting gifts' (dental floss, toothpaste, eye drops.....too bad my primary dr doesn't give out goodies)

The best parting gift, though, came from the receptionist when I went to pay, and she said she wasn't sure I had a co-pay.

"I paid one last year", I told her.

"But didn't you get it refunded?", she asked.

"Yes, that's right. I did."

"We'll just bill it through this time, if you'll promise to pay it if we have to bill you."

"Of course I will! I'd pay it now."

But I didn't have to!!

And would you believe that I was back in the house by 10:10 am!! A little less than an hour after I'd left!! Now THAT'S what I call service. I think all doctor's appointments should be that way!

Driving home with my pupils dilated was a little uncomfortable, even with sunglasses, so by the time I got back (only a 10 min drive), my eyes felt strained and tired. I lay down for a little while, till Nougat decided it was time for me to get up and take her outside. I wore Mom's 'bug eye' sunglasses from her cataract surgery then, cause it's so sunny out.

The rest of the day has been restful. I made French Vanilla ice cream for Brother. It turned out quite delicious, and I'm not a big fan of vanilla. Mom was going to make a blueberry pie, but didn't feel like it today. I was looking forward to pie la mode. Maybe tomorrow.

Didn't get to do much reading yet today, cause it took several hours for the drops to finally wear off. I'm almost halfway through book two of a trilogy. Enjoying it very much.

And that's my day. Btw, has anyone else been getting anonymous phone calls? We've been getting them every now and then from a 646 area code (don't know where that is), and a couple times from a 315 (which I know is in upstate NY). They always say "Unknown Caller", and if we don't know the caller, we don't answer. (hell, sometimes we don't answer when we DO know the caller!!) But curiosity got the better of me, and I answered one. It was a robocall: "This is an important campaign update from Donald Trump".


I answered one from the other mysterious area code, too. That robocall must have started as soon as the phone rang, cause by the time I picked up, it was in the middle of its 'important message". All I heard was "Donald Trump".


I hate robocalls. I hate political calls. So political robocalls (mostly at dinnertime, of course) really tick me off. They haven't even had the conventions knock it off already!! I think they're exempt from the "Do Not Call" list....and I wish they weren't. If I'm interested in what a candidate has to say, I'm sure I can find out whatever I want/need to know. I do not need them to phone my house. Not just Trump. Any of them. Ever. For any reason.

There. Rant over.

And so is this entry. Wave
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