Today is July 20, 2018
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My One True Life by wayward heart
March 2017
1I Feel Grouchy (to the tune of "I Feel Pretty")
2It Could Only Get Better (and it did)
3I'll Be Brief
5Polka Parties and a Senior Moment
6Nougat's Bone
7Tossed Her Carrots
8My Day In A List
9Signs, Signs, (Not) Everywhere Signs
10Chit Chat
11Noisy Truck
13National Napping Day (and a good day for it, too!)
14A Nougat Tail
15There's a Chill in the Air
1637 Random Questions
17Nougat's Afternoon Nap
18Typical Saturday
19Croissants on Sunday
20Spring Has Sprung!
21Roll 'Em
22Letting Off a Little Steam
23Move Along, Folks, There's Nothing to See Here
24Heavy Eye
26A Yen for Chinese Food
27Tablets and Gaskets
28Tummy Toupeť
29Lavender Blue, Dilly Dilly
31Old Fashioned Evening in a New Fangled Way

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It Could Only Get Better (and it did)
March 2, 2017

Today was decidedly better than yesterday. I slept in till right there, I had less of today to contend with!

I helped Mom cook kidneys. She cleaned and prepped the kidneys while I took Nougat outside. When we came in, I chopped the onions and peppers. By then it was noon, so I had some lunch. Cleaned up the kitchen, and then sucked all the meat Mom bought yesterday. Today, the Foodsaver decided to be more or less cooperative. When I finished that, it was time for "The Chew".

We watched that, and then I read the local paper, and then read more of the novel I'm into. I couldn't take Nougat outside, cause it was pouring rain.

The morning was nice, pleasant temps, a little breeze. A bit damp, but not uncomfortable. But this afternoon, it turned. Poured rain. Stopped. Rained again.

I didn't get Nougat brushed this afternoon cause once I let her out (between showers), she got too muddy to brush her. The wet sand just clings to her fur. She's very good about letting me wipe her before she comes in (microfiber towels are a godsend), but it barely gets off the outer layer of muddy sand. She has to be dry before I can brush it all out.....and she takes a long time to dry.

I hate to skip a day, but what can you do?

It was nice and cozy sitting in my recliner, listening to the rain and reading. I thought to myself, "It'd be a nice evening to have a Rusty Nail and relax".

I'm not much of a drinker, and rarely partake, but it just felt like that kind of night. So, after dinner, and after taking Nougat outside, I came in and mixed myself a Rusty Nail. I'm sipping it now as I write this. It will probably last me the entire evening.

Laura and I, many years ago, used to frequent a bar called Heads 'N Tails. Our usual order was a carafe of wine (which came with free bread and cheese....always dark pumpernickel and fontina for us), but now and then we'd splurge and order cocktails. She favored vodka martinis (I think they taste like lighter fluid). I would order a Rusty Nail, mainly because it gave me the biggest bang for my buck......I could (and would) nurse that single drink for the whole evening.

The bartender used to question my order.

"No ice? It will be warm."

"Yes, I know."

"Are you sure you don't want me to chill the glass?"

"No, I like it warm. And please go light on the Scotch."

"Light on the Scotch? It's going to taste like cough syrup."

"No, it won't. It's how I like it." (I don't like the taste of Scotch. But I love Drambuie)

I think the bartender was a little offended by my changing the drink. Maybe he thought I'd complain and blame him.....but I knew how I liked it, and it was my dime, after all.

Now, of course, I mix it myself, and get it exactly the way I like, with no argument.

Tonight (assuming my cocktail doesn't put me right to sleep), we'll watch "Jeopardy", have dessert, then watch "Masterchef Junior", followed by the finale of "Top Chef".

I had a very strange dream last night. I dreamt my brother, Mom, and I were at the library. It looked like the library in the town where I grew up, but the way it looks now, after several renovations. In my dream the librarian was my mom's friend MaryJane, who died a couple years ago (and was not, in real life, a librarian). As I went up to the desk to check out a bunch of DVD's, she said to me, "Did you know your dad wrote a book?" She named the title. It was the name of the main character: Wallace Otto something-or-other. I couldn't catch the surname. But it sounded like something my dad would've made up (he once named a stuffed animal of mine Aloysius Percy Farquad).

To my knowledge, Dad never wrote a book. I also remember looking for DVD's in my dream, and not being able to find the ones I wanted cause they kept rearranging themselves in and out of alphabetical order. It was a weird dream.

Now it's almost time for the evening news, and I think I'll go finish reading the local papers. Oh.....speaking of the local papers: in one of them, there was an announcement about a very interesting dinner being sponsored by the Lion's Club, called "Dining in the Dark", to raise funds and awareness about blindness. Dinner is going to be penne and meatballs, and guests would be blindfolded during dinner. Sounded like an interesting fundraiser (and prompted Brother to comment he was glad he wasn't on the janitorial squad). The dinner is tonight......but reservations had to be made by Feb 23rd because space was limited. Well, a helluva lot of good it does to announce it today!!

And on that note, I'm done!!
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