Today is July 20, 2018
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My One True Life by wayward heart
March 2017
1I Feel Grouchy (to the tune of "I Feel Pretty")
2It Could Only Get Better (and it did)
3I'll Be Brief
5Polka Parties and a Senior Moment
6Nougat's Bone
7Tossed Her Carrots
8My Day In A List
9Signs, Signs, (Not) Everywhere Signs
10Chit Chat
11Noisy Truck
13National Napping Day (and a good day for it, too!)
14A Nougat Tail
15There's a Chill in the Air
1637 Random Questions
17Nougat's Afternoon Nap
18Typical Saturday
19Croissants on Sunday
20Spring Has Sprung!
21Roll 'Em
22Letting Off a Little Steam
23Move Along, Folks, There's Nothing to See Here
24Heavy Eye
26A Yen for Chinese Food
27Tablets and Gaskets
28Tummy Toupeť
29Lavender Blue, Dilly Dilly
31Old Fashioned Evening in a New Fangled Way

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Tummy Toupeť
March 28, 2017

Had a few errands to run this morning, so took Nougat along. Went to the drugstore, the bank, and Dollar General. Didn't take long. For a change, I was the one who got out of the car and did the errands, and Mom stayed with Nougat.

It was a nice day today, but the sun felt really hot. By the time we got home, I had a headache. Mom made little English Muffin pizzas for lunch. I fell asleep watching "The Chew", and felt better after my nap.

Now Mom is asking about dinner, but I don't feel like eating. I don't feel sick, but I feel a little "off". Certainly don't feel like eating chili, that's for sure. Mom suggested having that for dinner tonight cause Brother is off any residual effects from the beans won't interfere with him working. (if you catch my drift)

Speaking of malodorous emissions.....I was sitting outside with Nougat this morning before we went out.....and there was that terrible burning odor again. I can't imagine anyone using their fireplace mid-morning.....not when it was going to be in the mid-80's. I thought it was illegal to burn trash here.....but this is FL, so who knows.

Mom is upset at Olga cause she shaved Nougat's tummy and the inside of her legs. I remembered to ask her not to trim the curl at the end of her tail, but forgot to remind her not to shave her. Mom keeps pointing it out and complaining about how Nougat keeps licking cause she's all irritated and how terrible it is. And what exactly would she like me to DO about it after the fact?? Glue a toupeť on Nougat's tummy??

Nougat was so cute the other night. I gave her a new bone, and she pranced around with it, then went to bury it somewhere. She's so intent on finding just the 'right' place, and so careful about making sure we're not watching where she puts it.

We heard her over in Mom's room, and assumed she was burying it on the couch. Nope. When Mom went to bed that night, she found the bone 'buried' under her pillow.....meticulously covered. Mom was so afraid to disturb the bone, that she spent the night sleeping on the very edge of the bed.

In the morning, when she got up, Nougat watched her go into the bathroom. Mom pretended to look away, and she saw Nougat out of the corner of her eye, jump up on the bed and spirit away her bone. But she wouldn't go get the bone as long as she thought Mom was watching her!

Last night she buried the bone again.....this time under the couch cover, right where my brother sits. Mom warned him it was there. It stayed there till this morning, when Nougat unearthed it at breakfast time. (she has to bring a toy or a bone or a shoe into the kitchen with her at mealtimes).

She's quite a character.

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