Today is July 20, 2018
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My One True Life by wayward heart
March 2017
1I Feel Grouchy (to the tune of "I Feel Pretty")
2It Could Only Get Better (and it did)
3I'll Be Brief
5Polka Parties and a Senior Moment
6Nougat's Bone
7Tossed Her Carrots
8My Day In A List
9Signs, Signs, (Not) Everywhere Signs
10Chit Chat
11Noisy Truck
13National Napping Day (and a good day for it, too!)
14A Nougat Tail
15There's a Chill in the Air
1637 Random Questions
17Nougat's Afternoon Nap
18Typical Saturday
19Croissants on Sunday
20Spring Has Sprung!
21Roll 'Em
22Letting Off a Little Steam
23Move Along, Folks, There's Nothing to See Here
24Heavy Eye
26A Yen for Chinese Food
27Tablets and Gaskets
28Tummy Toupeť
29Lavender Blue, Dilly Dilly
31Old Fashioned Evening in a New Fangled Way

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Old Fashioned Evening in a New Fangled Way
March 31, 2017

We watched "Jeopardy" last night, then went in the kitchen to have dessert. We left the TV on. As we're eating, I glance up at the TV through the kitchen window and notice there is no picture. The sound is on, but the screen is blank except for a message reading: "To receive this channel, please call Customer Care" and a phone number.

We weren't watching some obscure channel, either. Mom goes to check. She can get the guide, and the channel will come in briefly, and then the same message appears and the screen goes blank.

Brother unplugs the cable box to reboot. But the box won't reboot. It keeps restarting the reboot, but never completes it. We check the living room TV. It is behaving exactly like the other TV.....(minus the reboot).

The phone rings. It's Ellie. "Do you have TV?", she asks. She doesn't, and neither does her niece, Theresa. She tried and tried to get through to the cable co, but only received a busy signal. Theresa's husband kept trying, too, and finally got through, and heard a recording that said service was out in most of Central Florida (we actually live in Northeast FL, but get lumped in with Central FL anyway).

So, we had no TV. Which wasn't so terrible, since there's only one show we watch, and we can always catch it On Demand. Mom sat and read her book on her tablet. Brother was on his laptop, and he found some old musical radio programs from the '40's, and played them. I plugged in my earbuds and watched a couple of amazon Prime pilots.

The one I thought I would like (The Collection), didn't really thrill me that much, and the one that I was lukewarm about, (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) but watched just for the heckuva it, turned out to be kind of funny and enjoyable.

Nougat didn't quite know what to make of things, since Mom didn't sit in her usual 'watch TV' place, and we never actually watched TV. But she was good, if a little confused.

We didn't really miss TV at all.

Today was quiet. I fixed the Foodsaver. The gasket came in the mail yesterday, so I pulled the old one out, which had been glued in and took a bit of work to get out, and then the channel needed to be cleared of all the little bits of rubber left behind. But I got it done, popped in the new one, and Mom said it's working as good as new. Hallelujah! I'd sure rather spend $3 on a new part than over $100 on a whole new machine!

Other than that, I puttered around, talked to Carol for a bit, watched "The Chew", took a short snooze, and made roast potato wedges to go with dinner. All this in between the ins and outs with Nougat. She's about due to go out again.....but maybe Mom will take her. She wants me to send an ecard to Peg for her birthday. I can't do that AND go outside now, can I? (no, I cannot)

And there you have it. I keep thinking there was something else......but I can't recall what it was. If I think of it, maybe I'll come back.

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