Today is July 16, 2018
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My One True Life by wayward heart
October 2017
1Glub, Glub, Glub
2Another Monday
3Soup and Shopping Make My Day
4The Beautiful Ordinary
5A Good Day For Soup Kind Of Day
6An (Almost) Uneventful Day
7Squashy Saturday
8Not On Call
9Where Shopping Is a Pleasure*
10Isn't Life Exciting??
11Wednesday Doings
12Please, Mr. Postman
13Hot Stuff
14Today's News
15Pleasant Sunday (Minus the Valley)
17Finally Feels Like Fall
18Squash Squashing
19Talk, Talk, Talk
21In a Stew
22Entirely Too Productive for a Sunday
23Things That Go BANG! In the Night
24It's Always Something
26Cooler Days, Chilly Nights (HOORAY!!)
27Mostly About Nougat
28No Matter What You Wish For......You Get Guilt
29Spitting Nails
31Lotsa Stuff

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Wednesday Doings
October 11, 2017

Nougat had her spa day today. She looks (and smells) lovely. She still refuses to go with Olga. Today, Olga dragged her out the front door. She lay down and wouldn't move. When Olga picked her up to carry her to the van, she (Nougat, not Olga) peed all over the walkway (and possibly on Olga). I've offered to walk Nougat to the van, but Olga always declines. First thing Nougat did when she got home was jump on my bed and roll around like a nut. Silly girl.

I was sitting outside with Nougat around 11 this morning when Mom came to the door and handed me the phone. "It's Tim", she said, "But you can't talk long. You have to drive me to Ellie's."

"*What*??!! Why?"

"I'll explain it later."

So, I talked to Tim for a few minutes, till Mom said she had to go. Then she said never mind, Brother offered to take her. I called Tim back, and then Mom said I had to take her after all. So, we hung up. And Brother took her anyway!

He said he'd go pick her up, cause by then it was noon and Olga was due any minute, so I couldn't leave. But he wanted to take my car, so Ellie wouldn't know he had the day off. (if she knew he was home, then there would be no reason why Mom couldn't stay with her, since I wouldn't be alone. I don't really know what difference it makes, but I let him take the car)

When Mom got home, she told me Ellie called, asked her to go over because she (Ellie) needed to use the bathroom, and might need help getting up from the toilet! Apparently, her shoulder is hurting her, and she doesn't have the strength to push herself up.

Theresa couldn't (or wouldn't) come cause she's not feeling well, and her daughter was at the dr's. Her husband was at work. So, she called Mom.

I'm sorry, but if things have gotten that bad, she definitely needs an aide. Mom told her as much. But Ellie claims she can't afford to pay for one, and wants Medicare to pay for it. Mom told her to talk to her dr. and have him arrange it.

Then, to top it all off, as Mom was leaving, Ellie said Mom should have a key to her house. Mom refused, with the excuse that she doesn't know how to work Ellie's alarm system. The fact is, Mom doesn't WANT the key, cause that will mean accepting the responsibility to be on call at any time. Which is exactly what Mom doesn't want.

Mom feels guilty on the one hand, and put upon on the other. She worries that she's being a "bad friend". I think Ellie is being a bad friend by imposing on Mom.

Yesterday, I got my information packet from FL Blue for next year. The premium for my plan is going up *$400/month*. The new premium will be ovrr **$1379**/month. Co-pays, deductibles, and maximum out-of-pocket costs are also going up. How the hell am I supposed to afford that? And if I don't have health insurance, how am I supposed to afford my medications....never mind dr's visits (which I try to avoid as much ad possible anyway).

It's completely insane. I agree with Ellie……they just want us to die.

There is a little glimmer of hope, though. I got a call from the insurance broker's associate. She asked if I'd gotten the FL Blue info, and told me that FL Blue is supposedly working on coming up with alternative, more afforadable plans comparable to what I currently have (which isn't the greatest, but at least is adequate). Just have to see what happens.

It's almost time for supper, so I'm going to close here. Excuse any typos. I'm writing on my kindle, and don't feel like proofreading.

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