Today is July 18, 2018
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My One True Life by wayward heart
October 2017
1Glub, Glub, Glub
2Another Monday
3Soup and Shopping Make My Day
4The Beautiful Ordinary
5A Good Day For Soup Kind Of Day
6An (Almost) Uneventful Day
7Squashy Saturday
8Not On Call
9Where Shopping Is a Pleasure*
10Isn't Life Exciting??
11Wednesday Doings
12Please, Mr. Postman
13Hot Stuff
14Today's News
15Pleasant Sunday (Minus the Valley)
17Finally Feels Like Fall
18Squash Squashing
19Talk, Talk, Talk
21In a Stew
22Entirely Too Productive for a Sunday
23Things That Go BANG! In the Night
24It's Always Something
26Cooler Days, Chilly Nights (HOORAY!!)
27Mostly About Nougat
28No Matter What You Wish For......You Get Guilt
29Spitting Nails
31Lotsa Stuff

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Finally Feels Like Fall
October 17, 2017

Feel a little livelier today.....and actually have a few things to write about! First off, the weather is GLORIOUS!! It actually looks and feels like October!! It's cool, windy, a little damp, and very overcast. It's 73, which is still warmer than it would be in Rochester, but considering it's 20 cooler than it was, it feels right, cause it would be 20 cooler there, too. The only thing I'm missing is the leaves turning color. Here, they stay green all the time, which is a huge disappointment. But if I close my eyes, I can pretend. I'm loving the grey, thick, cloudy sky, and the chill in the air. feels like Fall!!! (REAL Fall, not the ersatz version we get here.

I think the weather is why I'm in a better mood today. Or was, at least.

Went to the bank this morning. Mom wanted to pay her credit card bill, and there was another problem with the joint acc't. (something to do with a W-9 form). Hopefully it's straightened out for good now.

From there, Mom and I went to the mattress store. She's been wanting a new mattress, and they were having a Columbus Day sale. (we missed the 4th of July sale, and the Labor Day sale). She found one she liked, at a reasonable price. It's being delivered sometime tomorrow.

They advertised free delivery and set up......but only on 'selected' (i.e. expensive) models. But they will take away her old mattress and set this one up. Mom didn't want Temper-pedic ("I hate foam!", she said). And she didn't want to spend a lot of money on a mattress ("How many more years am I going to be sleeping on it anyway?") That's my mom.....always practical.

The one she's been sleeping on has been in this house since it was 1975!! (granted, it hadn't been slept on continually for all those years, but still, it's an OLD mattress). She's a little sad about getting rid of it, cause Dad slept on it. I told her I think he'd understand and want her to be comfortable.

I have to admit I got a real good laugh out of watching my mom (who's shrunk down to 4'9" from 5'2") trying to get on and off the mattresses in the store, all of which are at least as high as my bed (some were even taller). I asked if she needed a stepstool. She gave me a dirty look.

We came home after that, and there was a phone msg from the urologist's office. I'd called a week or so ago to ask if she'd had any word from FL Blue. She had not. She tried the "providers only" phone number, and said all she got was sent from one phone tree to another, and never even spoke to a person. She told me she contacted Moffitt again, and they claimed they'd tried to call me on Aug 31st and Sept 5th. I'm home all the time, and we have an answering machine.......I never got any calls from them. Wouldn't they leave a message? Wouldn't they show up on Caller ID? I can't imagine a place like that show up as "Unknown Name" on Caller ID.

She gave me the number to call and told me to ask for "new patient scheduling" and said they have all my info on file in their system. I haven't called. I really don't want to go to Tampa. I need to sit with this for a day and psych myself up. It's a little much to take in. I'm not 100% sure I want to call.

Had to take Mom to Ellie's this afternoon. She called around 2 pm. I'm not sure what exactly the problem was.....something with her pool, or the pool screen or the screen door, or who knows what. But she called and asked Mom to come help her "for a few minutes". I dropped her off there around 2:30. It's after 4 now, and she hasn't called to be picked up yet. That's more than a 'few' minutes. But at least it's daytime.

Her niece is at the dr's office, so she's unavailable. I don't know where her niece's daughter is....she could be with her at the dr's. Her husband is either with her, or at work, so Ellie had no one else to call. But still, it was "can you come NOW", and Mom had to drop everything a and go (and so did I, to take her there).

On a more positive note, Ellie is going to be getting Occupational Therapy and she's signed up for Meals on Wheels. We know she hasn't been eating right. Mom looked in her fridge while she was over there, and all Ellie had were cans of Boost and some containers of yogurt.

Theresa (her niece) used to go grocery shopping for her, but now that she's sick, I guess she's not able to. I never understood why Theresa couldn't shop, then cook, and bring Ellie meals, rather than just groceries. She cooks for her family, what's the big deal to make a little extra? Ellie paid her for the groceries.

I'm glad that Ellie's getting Meals on Wheels. At least it will be something hot and nutritious, and she won't have to worry about preparing it. I think part of why she's been feeling weak and unwell is because she's not eating properly.

I did something this afternoon that I never, ever, EVER do. I paid a credit card bill two days late. To be honest, I don't feel it's entirely my fault. It's a new card, from my local bank. It was the first bill from them, and I swear, I never got a statement. It's possible they sent an email reminder, but I never saw it. Since this was the first statement, I had no idea when the closing date was, so I wasn't looking for a statement, and then I sort of forgot about the card (I've only used it once). But today, while in the other bank, I saw huge posters for their credit card, and that reminded me that I hadn't seen anything from my bank's card. I suppose I'll get charged with interest for being late, even though I don't think it's my fault. I always pay my credit cards in full and on time. I'm glad it was only 2 days late, and not two weeks.....but it's a matter of principle. I NEVER pay late. At least now I know when the closing date is (same as my Discover card), so now I'll know when to look for a statement.......assuming they send one.

Mom just called, so I'm going to post this and go pick her up.
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