Today is July 18, 2018
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My One True Life by wayward heart
October 2017
1Glub, Glub, Glub
2Another Monday
3Soup and Shopping Make My Day
4The Beautiful Ordinary
5A Good Day For Soup Kind Of Day
6An (Almost) Uneventful Day
7Squashy Saturday
8Not On Call
9Where Shopping Is a Pleasure*
10Isn't Life Exciting??
11Wednesday Doings
12Please, Mr. Postman
13Hot Stuff
14Today's News
15Pleasant Sunday (Minus the Valley)
17Finally Feels Like Fall
18Squash Squashing
19Talk, Talk, Talk
21In a Stew
22Entirely Too Productive for a Sunday
23Things That Go BANG! In the Night
24It's Always Something
26Cooler Days, Chilly Nights (HOORAY!!)
27Mostly About Nougat
28No Matter What You Wish For......You Get Guilt
29Spitting Nails
31Lotsa Stuff

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Lotsa Stuff
October 31, 2017

Just got home a little while ago. We went out to eat at the Chinese buffet. We got there at 3:30, when dinner starts. Right away, Mom stsrted complaining about it costing $3 more per person for dinner than for lunch. Dinner is still ony $10 per person, and there's more variety and better dishes to choose from at dinner. I consider it a bargain. God knows, we got our money's worth.

Now we're home and I'm sitting outside with Nougat. It's warmer today than yesterday, but still quite cool. I don't need my hoodie at the moment, but I have a blanket over my legs to keep the chill off.

Yesterday, I changed my clothes 3 times......first I was too cold, so I put on a different housecoat. Then my body was warm, but my legs wrre cold, so I put on something else. Then I was OK, till I sat down to watch TV. I got a little chilly, so I got my Winnie the Pooh throw and snuggled under it. That was lovely. When I went to bed, the nightgown was too warm, so I switched back to the first thing I'd had on. Last night, the temp got down to 48 . I had to put my lightweight flannel blanket on the bed. It was so nice and cozy, I hated having to get up this morning. But Nougat gave me no choice.....she pulled the covers off me at 8:30. Brat!

This morning, Mom and I went to the tax collector's. She to pay the property taxes; I to renew my car registration (or as they say here, "renew my tags"). I could mail in the renewal, but they charge 75 extra for that (probably to defray the cost of them mailing you the "tag", which is really just a decal you stick on your license plate) I'd have to pay for a stamp to mail it in, too, and the tax collector (no DMV here) is actually closer than the post office, so we went.

It was busy there. Lots of people paying taxes. But they moved right along, and we were done pretty quickly.

We stopped at the natural food store for some herbs. They sell them in bulk and are a little cheaper than Publix.

Scott called this morning, and we had a nice chat. The drugstore we used to go to closed. The neighbor next door to Scott got her house sided. The house next to mine was sold (the elderly man who'd been my neighbor died last year).

Karen bought a 2002 Mustang ("cause it will make her happy"). They've already had to put work (and money) into it. I guess she's happy.

Scott had surgery on his left knee. It's been more painful than the surgery was on his right knee.

Their dogs are OK. Scooter is becoming a grumpy old man and growls at everything. Sky has to take anti-diarrhea meds, probably for yhe rest of her life. Tank, the Yorkie (that Karen had to have cause "he would make her happy"), is still not housebroken (he's a year old today). I forgot to ask about Sapphire (the cockapoo Karen had to have cause "it would make her happy").

I enjoyed catching up with him.

I didn 't write yesterday. I can't remember why, but since I didn't, I didn't update what's going on with Ellie. When Mom came home on Sunday, she told me Ellie had really needed help getting undressed., and it was good she'd gone. She also said Ellie was very upset by something her niece said to her. When Ellie asked if one of them could go over, her niece said, "We can't keep doing this. You're going to have to sell your house"

Ellie was deeply hurt by that. She told Mom that she's helped them out financially over the years, not because she expected anything in return........but she certainly never thought they'd be that callous.

I know Ellie had to be extremely upset, cause it's not like her to discuss family business. Mom said Ellie was nearly in tears. She tried to comfort her, and pointed out that Theresa is very ill (stage IV pancreatic cancer), and not herself.

Mom also urged Ellie to speak to her dr and insist that she needs help. Ellie agreed, and kept thanking Mom for coming, and apologizing for having had to call.

I know I was pissed on Sunday, but now I feel bad for having been angry. If it were Mom who needed help, and I couldn't be there, I would hope someone would care and help. Ellie didn't ask to be in pain, and need help, a little compassion won't cost me anything.

Listening to the news from NY, about the truck attack on a bike path. 8 people killed. What is wrong with this world?

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