Today is July 20, 2018
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My One True Life by wayward heart
November 2017
1The Season of Melancholy
3A Long Entry About Nothing Much
4The Story For Today
5So Goes the Day
6A Low Key Day
7Counting Down
8Gobsmacked // It's All Relative(s)
10What's New Today
11"It's Like Being On A Cruise"
12Birthday "Celebration" // On Reflection
1360 + 1 (Day)
17Little Dramas
18Satisfying Saturday
20Odds 'N Ends
21Tuesday Is Pie Day
22Super Sonic High Tech Turkey
23Thanksgiving Night
25Hallmark Movies = The Zombie Apocalypse
29A Dog's Life
30Brother's Birthday

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Super Sonic High Tech Turkey
November 22, 2017

When Mom moved to FL 5 years ago, she replaced the kitchen appliances that were here. They'd been here since the house was it was high time (even though they weren't used all that often from 1975 till 2012).

The range she picked had some 'high tech' features. It has a convection feature and a meat probe that plugs into the oven and cooks the meat to the internal temperature you set. But in the 5 years since she's been here, Mom had never used either of these time and effort saving features.

Until today. Our turkey went high tech! We jabbed the probe in, set the temp to 165, and turned it to convect roast. And crossed our fingers.

Rick always used to tease me about my 'super sonic' turkeys. No matter how carefully I calculated the cooking time, it always seemed to be ready at least an hour sooner than I predicted. (I can remember calling my uncle on more than one occasion and asking him to please come earlier, because the turkey was cooked.)

So Rick would've gotten a huge kick out of the probe beeping to say the turkey was hour and 20 minutes after we put it in!!! Seemed unlikely to us, but even checking with an instant read thermometer seemed to indicate doneness. And it was the most evenly, gloriously golden brown bird I've ever seen.

The 3 of us hemmed and hawed, checked and rechecked, and finally took it out of the oven. We set it to rest and cool. Some time later, Mom went to cut it up, and discovered that it was not in fact, completely cooked, despite the probe and the multiple thermometer stabbings. She cut it up, and threw the parts back in the oven (no convection this time, just roast) for about an hour. And lo and behold, perfect turkey.

We'll have to try the probe again (maybe on something boneless) and the convection. It sure browned the bird nicely (and still would've taken less time to cook it, too)

Besides prepping the bird and getting it in the oven, I cleaned and steamed the green beans; cleaned and stuffed the mushrooms; and chopped and sauteed the stems for the Spam en Croute. I was in the kitchen, working, from 8 till 11 am. Except for the pies, which Mom made (I helped with the apple pie filling), cutting up the turkey, and making the gravy (Mom makes wonderful gravy. I do not), I've done most of the cooking for Thanksgiving this year. Not that it was really a big deal.

I also groomed Nougat and did the pooper scooping. And I got to play with my new toy that came today from amazon. I've had a Fire Tablet since 2013. It's an 8.9" HD model, and I bought it refurbished. Though it's developed a couple of quirks, I still love it and use it more than my desktop.

I've had my eye on the Fire 10" tablet, but couldn't really justify the $250 price. A few months ago, I noticed it was $150. (which is less than I paid for my refurbished one). But I still couldn't see spending the money when I had a workable Fire. The other day though, I saw that it was now on sale for $100! I couldn't pass it up. I used some gift cards and my CashBack bonus from my credit card.....and even though I splurged on the 'bundle' (the tablet, a case and screen protector), I only spent $72.

Mom said I should've put it on her credit card and it would've been my Christmas gift, but I didn't want to do that. So I didn't. Sometimes, I just want to buy things for myself.

I just made my annual Thanksgiving phone call to Rick's parents. No one was home, so I left a message. I hope they are all right. I'll try them again maybe tomorrow or Friday. It's always a bittersweet phone call, but one that I have to make. I still miss him every day, but especially on Thanksgiving.
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