Today is July 19, 2018
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My One True Life by wayward heart
January 2018
1So It Begins
2Bundling Up In FL
3A "Real" Winter
4The Heat is On!
5Nougat, the Figure Skating Judge
6Oh, To Be Alone.........
7Today's Playlist....A Stream of (Un)Consiousness Entry
8Acceptable Day
10Take Me to Dr. Greenfield
12Random Bits.......Or.......
13Dreary Day
15Happy Monday
16Time It Was
17Plugging In
18Cold Snap Again
20My Last Nerve
21Faux Is the Real Deal
23Having a Ball
24You Take (Un)Happiness With You....and Spread It Like the Flu
27Peculiar Question
28Sprung a Leak
29Lost Day

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Random Bits.......Or.......
January 12, 2018

............Things I've forgotten to write about this week, but meant to

  • Ellie. She is not doing so well. I forgot to mention that she is now on oxygen 24/7. She phoned Mom the other day. We hadn't heard from her since Christmas Day when she called from the ER. Mom and Brother saw her the other day.

  • Electricity. A few weeks ago, the lights in my room suddenly dimmed, flickered, and came back. My computer rebooted. We didn't know if it was my computer, the wiring, the wall lamp or what the hell was going on. Well, it's happened several times since......a couple of those times were when I was in my room. But the last time it happened (a couple days ago), Mom and I were in the kitchen and the lights dimmed and brightened three or four times before going back to normal. We still had no idea what was going on.

    Yesterday, the power co. phoned. It was a recorded message, naturally. They apologized for the brown outs and outages, said there had been some 'problems' with the grid. Well, at least now I know I wasn't imagining things or going bonkers. There really WAS something wrong. (it seems to all be OK now, though)

  • Drug ads. I hate them. Geeze, by the time they list all the possible side effects, I figure I'm probably better off living with the original condition! My favorite is "do not take Medicine X if you are allergic to it." Really???!!! How the hell are you supposed to know whether or not you're allergic if you don't try it? And if you do discover you're allergic, would you really be stupid enough to continue taking it?

  • Nougat. She was so cute this morning. I found her in the kitchen, lying flat on the floor, with her nose between the trash can and the cabinet. Just lying there, not moving. I moved the trash can, and she jumped up, ran into the space, and grabbed the lone piece of kibble that had skittered there, just out of her reach. I have no idea how long she was just lying there, waiting. Silly dog!

  • UPS. Last week I was expecting a package (my paint-by-number kit). It was supposed to be delivered by 8 pm. At 8:30 pm, I got a notice that it was 'delayed'. Amazon apologized and said it should be there in the next few days, and to contact them if it didn't arrive by Wed. I'd noticed that over the holidays, their 2 day shipping had been a day late more than once, but I wasn't in a hurry for it, so I wasn't worried.

    At 10 pm, I got notification that my package had been 9:45 pm. I went and checked, and sure enough, there it was. I appreciated getting it, but I'm surprised they delivered so late at night. (I feel sorry for the deliveryman). On one hand, I'm glad he didn't ring the bell since it was so late when he delivered, but on the other, it would've been nice to have been alerted to it. Had I not turned on my kindle, or had I been in bed, the package would've sat by the front of the house till morning, and packages have been known to get stolen.

  • Veggies Speaking of packages, our biweekly farm bag came today. They usually ring the bell and hand us the tote bag, and we return the previous week's bag. Well, this afternoon, Brother found the bag by the front door with the veggies in it. We were all home, and none of us heard the doorbell ring (though we heard it when the mailman rang it earlier to deliver Nougat's dog food order).

  • Weather It was super warm today.....upper 70's. Then we had a thunderstorm come through around 3:30, and the temp is supposed to drop. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.

  • Cooking I made Coffee Braised Chuck Roast with Balsamic Vinegar (page 144 of The Great Big Pressure Cooker Book for dinner tonight. I was also going to make a braised pork dish today, but as that takes 2 hours in the oven, and it was a warm day, I decided to postpone that till tomorrow, when it will be colder out, and the oven can warm the house, too.

Speaking of dinner, I've got the beef keeping warm in the Instant Pot, and it's almost time for dinner.
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