Today is August 19, 2018
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My One True Life by wayward heart
February 2018
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4One Last Goodbye
5Toad Mouth
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8Nothing To Say
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11Sit Down and Veg Now**
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17Peanut Butter Trumps Toads (But Barely)
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22It Really Was a Pleasure
23Just Running at the Mouth
24Toad-ally Insane
25Wherein I do the Current Survey
27Nougat Update
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Sit Down and Veg Now**
February 11, 2018

Another beautiful day here. I'm outside with Nougat (again). We've spent a lot of time outside today. Mom even joined us for a while this afternoon.

It's also another day where neither of us felt like doing much. Mom talked to Enza for an hour or so this morning. I talked to Carol after that. She was in a grumpy mood, and I think she could tell I wasn't really into playing therapist today. I was glad to get off the phone.

Mom was kind enough to do the pooper scooping for me while I was on the phone. I'd tried to do it earlier, but Noog wouldn't go in the house without me, and it's almost impossible to scoop with her underfoot, cause she keeps attacking the scooper. I'd've done it once I was off the phone, but Mom wanted to put the trash out early, so she scooped. Thanks, Mom!

Since neither of us felt like doing much, including cooking, we went out to eat. We went to Metro Diner. I carefully perused the menu, determined to try something new. When the waiter asked for my order, I ordered..................a Reuben sandwich! I'm sorry, but they are just So. Damn. Good. I couldn't resist. I even went all to hell with myself and had a side of mac&cheese! Not the healthiest, but the most comforting. Mom had a Philly cheese steak and mac&cheese. She brought home half her sandwich, half her side, and about a quarter of my mac&cheese as well. It was nice to go out and eat.

Nougat has a spa appointment for this Thurs! When Olga flaked out and quit, I went online to find another mobile groomer. I found one that said they worked in this area. I filled in their form, tentatively scheduling an appointment. I got an email confirming my request, and saying they would contact me to confirm the appointment and discuss pricing. This was on Feb 1st/2nd.

I never heard from them again.

Today I looked online again, found another mobile dog groomer. Wasn't sure from their website whether they come here or not. Sent an inquiry. Within ONE HOUR I had an email from the woman. She said this week was pretty booked, but she might be able to fit Nougat in on Thurs. She gave me her price, said she'd give Nougat either a field cut or a breed cut, a bath and nail trim.

I wrote back, said I'd take the Thursday appointment if it was available. When we came home, I checked my email, and I have one from her (which I will answer as soon as I post this)

If the other place calls, I'll let them know I made other arrangements, but I won't be surprised if I don't hear from them at all. (I'll be more surprised if I DO)

Well, time to go in. It's past Nougat's suppertime, and though she seems perfectly content to keep running around the yard, I don't want to get her too off schedule. Besides, I have to answer that email, and I'd like to put my legs up for awhile. All that walking and standing at the church yesterday was hard on my knees,sitting on the garden bench doesn't help either, and extra strength Tylenol only does so much.

**what Mom said she wanted to do when we came home today. It should be sung to the tune, "Get Up and Boogie"

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