Today is January 16, 2019
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My One True Life by wayward heart
February 2018
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4One Last Goodbye
5Toad Mouth
6Just Tuesday
8Nothing To Say
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17Peanut Butter Trumps Toads (But Barely)
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23Just Running at the Mouth
24Toad-ally Insane
25Wherein I do the Current Survey
27Nougat Update
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Just Running at the Mouth
February 23, 2018

I'm sitting outside with Nougat. We've been outside since 5. It's now 5:52. We're waiting for the plumber to show up to fix the leak in Brother's bathroom, and replace the toilet seat in our bathroom. He was supposed come between 5 and 6, so we ate supper at 4:30, got the dishes done, and came out by 5. He called at 5:30 to say he'd be here in half an hour, so we expect him any time now. Nougat and I will stay out till he's done.........whenever that is.

At least it's fairly warm, although now that the sun is going down, it's starting to feel a little chilly. Hopefully we won't have to be out too long.

I made a lot of beef barley soup in the Instant Pot this morning. Turned out so good, I had to have a bowl of it for lunch.

Mom told me the morning that Brother approached her and expressed a desire to do more of the cooking. She said it was fine by her. It's OK with me, too. He's a good cook. The other day (or was it yesterday?), he made borscht. I came into the kitchen, and he had a strainer, the ricer, and 2 mixing bowls out for pureeing the soup. All he really needed was the immersion blender, but he tends to complicate things. I suggested the simpler way, but he said he preferred his way. I said he might feel differently if he had to clean up the mess (which he usually leaves for us). But when I walked back into the kitchen that night for dinner, all the pots, pans, strainers, ricer (and yes, even the immersion blender) had been washed and put away! Miracles!! (And the borscht was good, too)

I'm trying to break Nougat of a bad habit (no, I don't mean hunting toads, though I wish she wouldn't do that, either). When we are eating supper, she sits by the table, waiting for treats. I'm OK with that, but I'm not OK with her hitting me with her paw. She often scratches me when she does that, and though I know she doesn't mean to hurt, it does. Plus, it's annoying. I scold her when she hits, but she doesn't seem to be getting the message. She's a smart dog, but she's getting mixed messag.

I tell her "No hitting", and immediately after I say it, Mom offers her a treat. Or Brother does. The bigger problem is not so much training Nougat as it is training THEM.

"Oh, but we always give her treats. She won't understand why we're not."

She damn well would, if I could get their cooperation. Instead, I spend every dinner hour saying "No!", "Stop it!", and "Ouch!", and having my legs clawed. She sometimes hits them, too, but apparently, I'm the only one bothered by it.

I'd like to insist that I be the only one to give her treats at dinner. Or that no one does. Period. Brother always gives her some scraps in her special bowl after we eat, so she wouldn't be completely deprived. She wouldn't be happy with the change, but she'd learn not to hit it it didn't get rewarded.

She rarely does it at any other meal, especially if I'm sitting at the table eating by myself. She'll often just lay on the floor and not pester me at all. But if we're all eating together she demands attention (and food).

Well, it is now 6:45, and the plumber's been and gone, so we can go back inside, just in time for "Jeopardy".
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