Today is January 21, 2019
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My One True Life by wayward heart
February 2018
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24Toad-ally Insane
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Toad-ally Insane
February 24, 2018

Nougat found a toad last night. Would not come in. I let her stay by herself for a while. Then Mom rang the old cowbell she has. Nougat had never heard it before, so she came running in to investigate the new sound. After that, I refused to let her out again till bedtime, cause I knew she only wanted that toad!

As an aside: I don't know where Mom got the cowbell, but when we were kids playing outside, (usually next door with the neighbor kids), and it was time for us to go home, Mom would ring that damn bell. She didn't like yelling for us like all the other moms did for their kids. No, our mom had to ring a cowbell, like she was calling the herd for milking. Of course everyone knew whose mom it was, and they used to "moooo" at us. So humiliating.

Anyway, back to last night. When I did finally let her back out, the first thing she did was go look for the toad. I had to stand with the broom over where she likes to dig for them and shoo her away every time she came near (which was constantly). I finally got her to pee, and something her in the house and we went to bed.

At 5:30 she got me up cause she had to poop. She did, and before I could grab the broom to stop her, she'd dug up a toad! Scolding has no effect. Nothing would tear her away from that toad. Finally, Mom, who'd heard the commotion, brought me Nougat's leash. As soon as she was it, she lay down on her back. I was able to clip it on her, and she finally got up and walked into the house.

But wait!! The saga's not over yet....And it gets better (or worse). We went back to bed (it was now after 6). She woke me up again at 7:20. We went out, she peed, and reclaimed her toad. Why the hell the damn stupid thing didn't leave, I don't know. I was so damn tired, I didn't even care, and let her just have it. She doesn't hurt it, just carries it, then puts it down and watches it. After a while (40 mins or so), she lost interest, and walked away. That's when I suggested we go have breakfast. I turned to open the door, and she came in behind me..........with the toad in her mouth!!!

She put it down on the rug near the dining room. Mom freaked out. I went to grab the pooper scooper while she's yelling "How are we going to get it out of here?" Then she had the brilliant idea to ask Nougat to do it. So I called Nougat, and said "Get the toad. Bring it out here!"

She came and grabbed it, but only carried partway to the door before cashing outside. She left it on the rug closer to the door, though, so Mom carefully, slowly dragged the rug toward the door, planning to drag it outside. When Nougat saw it moving, she came running back, snatched it and brought it outside. Then she came in for breakfast. I don't know where the toad went.

Mom and Brother rearranged and added some more cinder blocks so Nougat can't move them and dig the toads out. So far, it's working. Now I just have to hope the roads are smart enough to stay out of sight (but I doubt they're that smart).

While Mom and Brother were busy with the stones, I cleaned the stovetop, put laundry in the dryer, and groomed Nougat.

I hadn't had enough sleep what with all the toad excitement, so I was tired. I'd tried going back to bed at 8, after I gave Nougat her breakfast, but she made me get up 20 minutes later. So this afternoon, I stretched out in my recliner, and looked for a movie to watch. I found "Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring", and thought "A perfect 3 hour movie to nap to!" Only I got so caught up in it (despite having seen it multiple times) that I never did fall asleep!

I had some very strange dreams last night. The one I remember most clearly was about my dad. I was with Karen and Lois, I think back home, and Dad came and asked us if we wanted to go out to dinner. He was really happy and animated. We all said yes, and split up to get ready. Then I was with Mom, and she was telling how worried she was that he was sick again, and that it wasn't good for him to be going out and acting so jolly. I told her there wasn't anything we could do to change it cause that's how he is. The dream made me very sad cause Dad was being so himself and it felt so good to be with him, and then, with Mom, I remembered he wasn't OK.

The other dream I only have a vague memory of. But there was a mechanical donkey that I was riding, instead of driving a car. Don't know why. Weird.

Tonight we're going to watch the figure skating exhibition. Now I'm going to go back in the house and finish listening to Live From Here.
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