Today is July 18, 2018
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My One True Life by wayward heart
April 2018
1"Hoppy" Easter Fool's Day
2Suddenly It's Spring
4Breakfast for Dinner
7A Holiday Iím Happy To Observe!!!
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15Humdinging Gunslinger
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25Little Things That Fill the Day
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27TGIF (Thank God I'm Finished)
28How Are Things In Guacamole?

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Humdinging Gunslinger
April 15, 2018

Had a gunslinger (I typed "humdinger". Auto correct strikes again!) of a thunderstorm an hour ago. Lots of wind, lots of rain ☔. I could the rain blowing sideways in gusts. We got the Code Red phone call to alert us that we were under a severe thunderstorm warning. I quickly took Nougat out to pee and poop, and we stayed till the first raindrops fell. Good thing we went in as soon as it started,cause by the time I closed the door behind me, all hell was breaking loose.

The storm lasted about a half hour, then it cleared up. There are a few puddles and the ground is wet. Brother had to reclaim the trash can lid which had blown into the road, but everything else is fine.

Nougat and I are outside now. It's cloudyish, but the sun is out. It's gotten much cooler and there's a lovely, refreshing breeze.

I opened the windows this morning and turned on the ceiling fans to take advantage of the cool morning breeze. Mom turned off the fans ("no need to waste money").

She shut the windows when it started to warm up, and *then* she turned on the fans. She doesn't seem to believe the fans keep the house cooler even with the windows open. I have both the ceiling and table fans going in my room. I probably won't turn them off again till November. With no windows, my bedroom gets impressively stuffy. So, for that matter, does the rest of the house, but Mom refuses to keep the fans on unless it's warm enough to kick the a/c on(God forbid!!), and we're sitting in that room. I used to leave all the ceiling fans running 24/7 in my house, and it was comfortable. Not so much here. Maybe if I threatened to run around naked she'd keep the fans on.

We may get more rain or thunderstorms later this evening, but for now, it's nice.

I did the usual chores today. I pooper scooped, groomed Nougat, did the laundry, and called Carol. I made chicken salad for lunch, and watched a little TV this afternoon.

Yesterday was pretty much the same. I groomed Nougat, changed the sheets, showered, made broccoli for supper, and turned the stems into pesto for future use. Tim called yesterday (it was his birthday, so I got to wish him a happy one). I called Lois, too, and we had a good visit. She thanked me for calling. I told her I'm glad that now I feel I *can* call her. The last 5 years or so, she's been so busy writing her books (she's written 2), and trying to get tenure, and then full professorship, that I hesitated to phone, knowing how little free time she had. But now she',s accomplished all that, and can now have a life and not just a career. Through all the changes in our lives, we've remained close friends for over 40 years. I say "Huzzah for us!"

Speaking of careers, yesterday was Karen's last day of work at the doggie day care. She quit. I know this from Scott and Lois. Karen never calls (she and Lois text, but since I don't, I don't hear from Karen unless I call her. Last time I did was last month on her birthday). I'm not surprised she quit. It was a very physical job and she has bad knees, bad shoulders, and who knows what-all else. Now she has joined the ranks of the retired. I asked Scott what she was going to do now, and he answered, "Probably just lie on the couch". That didn't sound so awful to me........It's about what I do!

Well, Nougat is ready to go in, so I'll post this and join her.

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