Today is June 25, 2019
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My One True Life by wayward heart
June 2018
1'Tis the Season........
2An Entry In Search of a Title
3LOTR and Nosy Neighbors
5Gather Ye Dog Poop While Ye May
6Such a Good Girl
7Snip, Snip
9It's All About the Going
10Happy Birthday, Mom!
12The People In The Neighborhood
13So Why Don't I Feel Safer?
15There's a Title In Here Somewhere
18A Non Entry // Compliment
21Summertime, and the Livin' Is.........
27Dinner Ball
29Not Much Going On Here But Complaining

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Not Much Going On Here But Complaining
June 29, 2018

Mom and I (but mostly Mom) have spent the last couple days cleaning. The exterminator was supposed to come today, so Mom was scrubbing baseboards and every nook and cranny. ("No point having him spray the dirt", she said)

She asked Brother to do the baseboards, cause at 81, it's hard for her to get up off the floor. I can't get down there at all, so I would be no help. He said he'd do it, but unless you give him a definite deadline, he'll say "I'll do it", but it will never get done.

So when Nougat and I came in from outside this morning, there was Mom, on her hands and knees in the kitchen, scrubbing the kickplates under the cabinets. Why didn't she get Brother to it? He *will* do things (sometimes willingly, sometimes grudgingly) if you ask specifically for it to be done. But she didn't ask him. And rarely does.

God knows what he expects should anything happen to Mom. I'll step in and pay the bills and keep the household running, (because he's never done it and I have) but I'm not planning on becoming his mother.

Anyway, we did all this work and the exterminator called and rescheduled! (there was a chance of rain this afternoon. "No point having him spray outside if it rains. It''ll only wash away and be a waste of money." Naturally, there hasn't been a cloud in the sky all day) Now he's coming Tues morning instead. Which means Mom will want to do all this again on Mon! (And we have to take Nougat to the vet Mon afternoon, too)

The electrician was supposed to come yesterday afternoon to check the sensor on the outside light. Lately, it hasn't been coming on when it should. But we had thunderstorms. Can't work on electricity in the rain. So he didn't come. He hasn't called to reschedule, either.

No coupons in yesterday's city paper for the eyeglass place. There was a coupon in the other local paper, but it expires tomorrow. Little late to try to get an appointment, I thought. I'll look next week.

My insurance co is driving me crazy. *Twice* this week they called about their free mobile screening (no copays). They've been calling at least once a week (sometimes more often) to get me to schedule an appointment. They've sent a half dozen letters about it, too. I am not interested. If my Dr feels I need to be screened or tested, she can authorize it. I can help feeling that the insurance co has some kind of ulterior motives. I can't believe they would do *anything* merely for the benefit of their subscribers. There's got to be something in it for them and I want no part of it. Instead of wasting my money on endless calls and letters, put it towards lowering my premiums, copays, and deductible!

I got a letter from them today too, reminding me to get a retinal exam. Which I had done in May. More wasteful spending. Can you tell I am not a fan of my health insurance company?

Enough pissng and moaning. It's all minor crap anyway. On to something more positive.

I was outside with Nougat this morning, and I saw a bird I've never seen before. It was tiny, maybe the length of my pinkie. At first, I thought it was a hummingbird, but on the rare (maybe 2 or 3) occasions I've seen a hummingbird, they've been hovering in the air, with their wings constantly beating. This looked more like a miniature sparrow, and it was hopping along the branches of the neighbor's tree. I never saw such a tiny bird. I wish I knew what it was.

Well, that's a more positive note on which to end this entry, and so I shall (end it).

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