Today is April 21, 2019
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My One True Life by wayward heart
July 2018
1Borrowed Survey For a Sunday Entry
44th of July (How's That For a Creative Title?)
5👍 and 👎
6Bad Night, Better Day
9Wherein I Exhibit Uncharacteristically Extravagant Behavior (and Don't Care!)
10Friendship and a Song
13Things That Made Me Happy Today
14Still Happy! ☺
15Bzzzzzzzzzy Sunday
16Company's Coming!
17Putzy Stuff
18Ocean Breezes and Buttered Coffee
19Mom's Words of Wisdom
20Baby, You Can('t) Drive My Car
23Another Quickie
24Pancakes and Other Tuesday Tales
25True Grit
26Fried Pterodactyl
27Babble, Babble
28Simply Saturday
30Ho Hum Monday
31Having a Bit of a Grump

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Friendship and a Song
July 10, 2018

It's hot and humid sitting out here with Nougat after supper. But there is a breeze, and my clamp-on umbrella keeps me from crying in the sun. It doesn't throw a lot shade, but just enough for me!

Big news!! Molly played with Nougat! When she and Paul first started strolling over, she was afraid of Nougat. (Molly is a Yorkie). Nougat would do everything she could to get her to play by racing along the fence with her. She'd bark, "play bow", run a few steps, then run back, bounce her front paws from side to side. She'd get so frustrated with Molly that she',s bite the fence.

Molly would approach the fence, bark, then run back to Paul to be picked up. But she was a little instigator. As soon as Nougat would lose interest in her, And go off sniffing the rest of the yard, Molly would run back to the fence and bark to get Nougat's attention. The more she did this, the more agitated Nougat would become.

Well, yesterday afternoon, and again today, Paul and Molly came by, and the first thing Molly did was race along the fence with Nougat! Back and forth they went, a half dozen times. Both were barking, but it was a playful, "let's go faster!!" bark.

Our yard is small, so poor Nougat kept crashing into the fence cause she'd run out of room. She didn't let it stop her, though, she'd just spin around and run back the other way. They were having so much fun......Like two little kids (and isn't that what they are, really?)

Paul and I praised them both (especially Molly) for making friends and playing together. It made me very happy. 😀

Brother took Mom to the natural foods store today. He had to go to Staples, and they're in the same plaza. They stopped at Amigos Grocery on the way home. I thought I'd have about an hour to myself, but they were home in less than 40 minutes. Darn!!

I got Nougat groomed (no more ear drops, Yay!! She was so though, when I said she was so cute though, when I said she was done. She just sat there on the bed, looking at me as if to say, "Aren't you forgetting to do my ears?" She's so damn smart!

I also made potato salad for supper, and when they came home I helped put things away, sucked meat, sauteed zucchini for supper (served cold, topped with fresh mint and sprinkled with red wine vinegar. Very refreshing. ,we had a little left over which we'll give to Paul to try). I made vanilla ice cream (for Brother), and chocolate sauce (for Mom).

All in all, a pretty busy day. Tomorrow Mom and I have to go to Publix. So, another busy day in the offing..

Before I close, I'd like to share a song that my Brother played for me. It's a beautiful torch song. There's a longish piano intro, but the song is lovely. Do listen closely to the lyrics.

Unfortunately, I don't know how to embed the video here, at least not from my tablet. But here is the link:

(if anyone knows how to do it, please let me know)

Great news on everyone on that soccer team being rescued!! What a miracle!

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