Today is May 20, 2019
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My One True Life by wayward heart
July 2018
1Borrowed Survey For a Sunday Entry
44th of July (How's That For a Creative Title?)
5👍 and 👎
6Bad Night, Better Day
9Wherein I Exhibit Uncharacteristically Extravagant Behavior (and Don't Care!)
10Friendship and a Song
13Things That Made Me Happy Today
14Still Happy! ☺
15Bzzzzzzzzzy Sunday
16Company's Coming!
17Putzy Stuff
18Ocean Breezes and Buttered Coffee
19Mom's Words of Wisdom
20Baby, You Can('t) Drive My Car
23Another Quickie
24Pancakes and Other Tuesday Tales
25True Grit
26Fried Pterodactyl
27Babble, Babble
28Simply Saturday
30Ho Hum Monday
31Having a Bit of a Grump

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Still Happy! ☺
July 14, 2018

Lots of happy-making stuff today, too!

I got up at 5:30 to pee. I no sooner climb back in bed, than Nougat decides she would also like to relieve herself. But this is good, cause I was already awake.

We stayed out till 6, then went back to bed. She got me up again at 7:15, with kisses and snuggles. Always a good way to wake up! We went till 8, came in for her breakfast, then back to bed. She let me sleep in till **10**!!

I had a lot to do today, and sleeping in meant I got a later start than I'd planned. But it also meant I was more well rested, so I felt I was able to accomplish everything without feeling like defragging my ass (I actually typed "like I was *dragging* my ass", but the keyboard's version made me laugh, so I left it).

My first order of business was to call the eyeglass place, just on the chance my glasses were ready. They were!!! 👓. So before I did anything else, I hurried over and picked them up.

The salesgirl who helped me on Mon was there and remembered me. A different girl went in back to get them and when she took them out of the tray said, "Those are pretty". The dr I was came out, and he commented on how nice they looked, too. The girl had done such a good job measuring and adjusting them on Mon, that I didn't need any further adjustments.

It feels like these were made for me (well, yes, I know they *were*), but I mean just the frames. They are so light and comfortable, I barely know they're on. And I can finally see again with no eyestrain!

I even got a very cool pyramid shaped eyeglass case, with a cleaning cloth. Plus a pack of cleaning wipes. Happy!😀 Happy!! 😃 Happy!!!😁

Here is a picture I found online of my new frames: (they look more pinkish in this picture, but they're really fuschia, and more purple)

As soon as I got home from the eyeglass place, I started all the other things I had to do.
  • I baked brownies (from scratch) for Connie's visit
  • made the maple walnut ice cream base (also for Mon)
  • spent 30 minutes combing Nougat (she really needed it, and she was very good about it. She doesn't usually stay put or put up with grooming that long. I'm proud of her)
  • Broiled some poblano peppers

Then I took a short break take Nougat outside. It's oppressively humid today. Mostly cloudy, but unbearably muggy. I have my fan now, so it wasn't as awful as usual, but even Noog didn't want to stay out long.

We came back in and I peeled and seeded the peppers, grated some cheese and assembled the poblano-cheese casserole for tomorrow night's dinner.

After cleaning up that mess, I took a break. I watched some cooking shows, Lois called for a brief chat (she had a cooking question,), and I watched a couple episodes of "House Hunters".

Then I made dinner (deviled pork steaks and corn on the cob). While the pork was in the oven, I started this entry, and took Nougat out again. Then we ate, I did the dishes, put everything away, took Nougat out *again* (always after dinner), and now I am DONE for the day (except for taking Nougat out a couple more times)

Tomorrow will be busy again.......making ice cream, ice cubes, and iced tea, baking zucchini pie, setting the dining room table, and getting the kitchen spotless (if Mom had her way, we'd scrub the entire house, but I'd like to not be so exhausted that I don't enjoy Connie's visit, so I hope I can confine her cleaning obsession to the kitchen)

I'm quite happy with all I got done today. But I've had enough for now. Time to post this and relax! 😴
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