Today is May 19, 2019
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My One True Life by wayward heart
July 2018
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44th of July (How's That For a Creative Title?)
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6Bad Night, Better Day
9Wherein I Exhibit Uncharacteristically Extravagant Behavior (and Don't Care!)
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31Having a Bit of a Grump

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Putzy Stuff
July 17, 2018

Just got home from Dennys. Mom didn't feel like fussing today, so we went out. Fine by me.

She and I will be going out at least a few times next week, too, if I have anything to say about it. Brother is leaving Friday and going to Latvia for a week. I want to go back to the Euro Lounge that we like so well. The new IHOP opened in June, and I'd like to go there, too. And maybe order pizza one night.

If Brother can go on (a working) vacation, we can take a vacation from cooking!

Didn't do too much today. Groomed Nougat. Cleaned the tabletop fan in my room, cause I noticed it didn't seem to be putting out as much air. Time to get the dust out of it. It's working better now, but geez, what a pain in the ass it was getting the front grille back on! I thought I had it on right, but when I turned the fan on, it made rattled. Not loudly, but just enough to be irritating, especially if I was trying to sleep. So I took it off and futzed with it some more. Finally got it all clipped together correctly. Does it need to be that complicated??

I fixed my garden pinwheel, too. Nougat pulled it out of the ground the other day while she was racing with Molly. Guess it was in her way. I tried to stick it back in, but must've hit a rock or something, cause the stick cracked. It didn't break, but it was seriously bent. I also noticed that a couple of the ribbons had rotted and frayed and come loose at one end.

Duct tape to the rescue!! It's like The Force. It has a dark side and a light side, and it holds the universe together!

I wrapped the lower 2/3 of the stick with a layer of two, and used a piece to reattach the ends of the ribbons that needed repair. Good as new. Or almost. The pinwheel has faded, but it still spins and I still enjoy watching it. Maybe I'll replace it next year. We'll see.

I also called the bank to try to find out why my health insurance premium, which I pay online, doesn't go through as an electronic payment. It gets submitted as a check, and it takes almost *3 weeks* to clear. I swear it would take less time if I *mailed* a damn paper check!

I could pay on FL Blue's website, but I prefer not to. I'd rather pay all my bills bank's website. My payment used to go through electronically, but about a year ago, it suddenly and inexplicably began going through as a check.

I asked FL Blue about it last time I called (to ask about coverage for cataract surgery). They said they accept electronic payments, and to check with the bank. I was on the phone for at least 20 minutes with the bank today, and the girl I spoke to couldn't figure out why it was happening, nor could she find any way to change it. So, I paid it anyway, and let it go through as a check.

I'm sure FL Blue accepts electronic payments......through *their* website. Why they won't accept them from a bank is beyond me. But there it is. I pay it on time.....if it's late, it's not my fault. (So far, it hasn't been, but many a month it clears on the 31st, even though I paid on the 18th)

Speaking of bill paying (isn't that a fun topic?!) I couldn't figure out why I never got my MasterCard bill this month. It's the card I use to refill all my prescriptions, and for any other medical expenses. (like the denist, Dr co-pays, my glasses). I know I'd filled my Rx, but no bill.

The mystery was solved yesterday when Mom got her credit card bill. The drugstore had charged every one of my prescriptions to *her* credit card! (My glasses apparently didn't make this month's cycle), and that's why I didn't get a bill. Don't they **look** before they put a charge through? My name is on the prescriptions, and while the surname is the same, our first names are different. It's not a huge chain drugstore, and they know us both, so why'd they screw it up? And not just once, but at least 4 times (I have multiple Rx, and they never seen to need refilling at the same time). Well, I suppose I can give them credit for consistency. They've done this before, but usually with only one or two Rx, not all of them.

And technology is supposed to make our lives *easier*!? Sometimes, I wonder

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