Today is June 18, 2019
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My One True Life by wayward heart
October 2018
2Meetings, Hitchhikers, and Pizza
3Human Carrots
4Pork, More Pork, and Failure
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10Mom, the Personal Chef
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21At Long Last, Autumn
23What Happened to Monday?
25Nothing Much
27Outside On a Chilly Saturday Morning
29Are We Having Fun Yet?

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Mom, the Personal Chef
October 10, 2018

Grocery shopping today. I hate it. There wasn't much on sale, but there were a few things on sale that we needed, a few things we needed that weren't on sale, and I needed ingredients for my dessert for next Tues' meeting.

I'm getting more and more disgusted with Publix lately. The brand of whole wheat tortillas we like, gone. Had to buy a different brand that was nearly half again as much as the other brand.

I needed white chocolate chips. They had ONE package of a less expensive brand. I need two packages. I had to buy Ghirardelli chips, over a dollar more than the other brand.

Yes, I asked at customer service if there were any more of the cheaper ones. There weren't. Uncharacteristically for Publix I got someone at the service desk who, while not exactly surly, lacked the usual cheerful, helpful demeanor of their employees. She never greeted me, asked how she could help, never smiled. All she said was, "Sorry, we don't", and walked away. Not typical of Publix.

All the way home (luckily, a short drive) Mom harangued me about going to Winn-Dixie instead, which she knows I'm reluctant to do, cause I hate driving over there. "It's not far. It's not hard to get to. All you have to do is blah, blah, blah, blah, turn left, blah, blah, blah......" This from a woman who doesn't drive at all.

By the time we got home, I was ready to drive to *Miami* just for peace and quiet!

We get home, just about get in the door. Mom calls out to Brother, "Did anyone call?" And right at that moment, the phone rings. It was Paul. He called to ask Mom if we like chicken livers. She and Brother do. I don't. I don't like any kind of liver. Except for liverwurst, occasionally.

But I digress. Paul went on to tell Mom that his iron is low. He doesn't want to take iron pills, so he bought some chicken livers. But he's never cooked them, doesn't know what to do with them, and would she like them. Mom offered to cook the livers for him. So she made them two different ways. When she was done, she packaged them up, (kept a little bit for Brother), phoned Paul and told him "Your order is ready for pick up". He met her at the side door to our garage.

While she made her delivery, I washed the pots and pans and put them away. Thereafter the day has been quiet. Nougat got groomed while Mom cooked. I took a brief nap this afternoon, cause Nougat got me up at 7:15, and I never went back to bed (so we could get an early start to Publix).

Watched the weather a bit. Hurricane Michael is bad, bad, bad. My heart goes out to everyone stuck in its path. I am also grateful that we are not (Matthew and Irma were enough for me). We'll get some of the outlying feeder bands, with wind and rain. We've already gotten two emergency alert (formerly "coddered") calls. One for lightning, and one for a tornado watch. The tornado watch is in effect until 2 AM.

I was just outside with Nougat a little while ago, and it started pouring rain. Lasted all of a minute. Then the sun peeked out for a minute, and now it's back to dark and overcast. It is like a sauna, the humidity is so high. I have a headache, I think from the barometric pressure. Mom also said her head hurts. But those are minor complaints compared to what's going on in the panhandle.

Nougat has been clamoring for her supper since 3:30. She's been squeaking her ball, pestering Mom by sitting and staring at her, pawing her, finally resorting to grabbing her hands, trying to make her get up and go in the kitchen.

It's only 4:15 now, but Mom has surrendered, and is in the kitchen, just puttering around. Dinner is easy, just reheating leftover pork tinga, but Mom's setting the table and trying to look busy to stall Nougat. As long as she thinks dinner prep is underway, she's content to stay in the kitchen and wait for her supper. Nougat certainly rules the roost in this house. The rest of us just live here for her convenience. 😁 Speaking of which, Brother brought home a cup of "faculty discount coffee" today. For Nougat, of course. 😁 (I'll get some of it. Which I will also share with her).

Well, Nougat is done being stalled. She's got her squeaky ball and is raising a ruckus to call us all to supper. I just obey the summons. 😉

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