Today is September 20, 2019
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I guess I have to grow up. by khh6
June 2005

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June 15, 2005

Feeling: Good……………

I am sitting here this morning without any access to any printers I use. A router went out in the network and that leaves me blind….or at least my computer anyways. So without the tools I have no way to do any work. LOL now this would have never happened years ago when you did it by hand. Funny how things have changed and so quickly. Frankly I like the way I work now but it is a little frustrating when things like this happen and I have to wait for others to fix the problem………………..

My brother comes into town tonight to pick up a piece that has sold and will take it back home with him to deliver it. I hope they like it……………….

I have not seen my son for a couple of days. He has been working in an OR for part of his training. I remember when I did that. It was very interesting to watch the surgeons work. The inside of the human body is amazing to see in action. I can also understand why people are so sore when it is over. They never are able to put things back like they came out and it takes a while for things to work their way back into place…………..

I finished the angle for my friend and it came out pretty nice. Delivered it to her boyfriend and hopefully she will like it when she sees it………………….

I have noticed that I am feeling very differently lately. The anxiety of the past seems to have greatly dissipated. Like the energy has been drained from it. I have to say it is a nice feeling. Freeing. Now I think I can get on with the healing that is just normal in its effect. I have also noticed myself getting motivated again to do things around the house. Fix things up. That tells me that I do feel better. I tend to go in spurts. Work like there is no tomorrow and take a break for a while. Used to think this was a weakness but it is just the way I do things. Not going to try to fix it. It works for me……………….

Lots of people have been talking about the Michael Jackson verdict. After being on the Grand Jury I realize that there is so much information that is not available to the public in these kinds of things. I have to say that I am glad it is over and hopefully will not be news anymore. I do have to say he needs to STOP sleeping with little boys. I don’t care what his childhood was like he needs to stop and grow up……………….

The weather today was perfect for walking. I walk with my boss at lunch each day. We go anywhere from 2 to 3 miles depending on the weather. Don’t often miss a day. Good way to break up the day and take the edge off the stress of the deadlines we have to meet. My goal was to walk for 45 min. a day and we have already done that. It still leaves us 45 min. for lunch. We don’t take out brakes so we tack it on to the lunch. Makes it nice to have 1.5 hours in one chunk……………….

Out air was out due to a homeless man jamming our air unit with a wire and burning it up. I guess it made too much noise for him when he was trying to sleep…………………

Things I am thankful for:……………………

Making my way……………..

Another revelation today……didn’t like it but I had it……………………

My brother is coming tonight…………………
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