Today is May 24, 2019
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I guess I have to grow up. by khh6
June 2005

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June 27, 2005

Feeling: Rushed

Well my boss is in Michigan waiting for his daughter to have her open heart. That leaves the two of us to make things happen here. Not a problem it just makes it very busy is all. I don’t mind busy.

It has been HOT HOT HOT….for the last three days and there is no end in site right now. I have not been walking as much because of the heat. Just too damn much to deal with. Coming back from lunch looking like I took a shower with my clothes on is not a good thing. Shorter walks and more of them is what I am doing.

I snagged some VIP pass’s for the fireworks this weekend. I will give them to my son so he can take his girl friend with him. Puts you right under the action which is nice. It is also nice that he just has to walk a couple of blocks to get home after and not deal with the crowds in the streets. They (the city) does it up nice. Little food, drinks, seats and lots of room as opposed to sitting shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the crowd. I will watch from my fire escape which is close enough to see for me.

I had a friend tell me he talked to my ex a few days ago. She is under the impression I will “work this out of my system” and be coming back to her. What an odd thing to think. No idea how she worked this one out in her head. Made me feel strange in a way. I mentioned this to another friend and he told me she had said the same things to him. That is a game she plays. Rather then face someone or something face to face she says things to others and hopes it gets back to the person she wanted to talk to. HELLO!!!! That was one of the biggest reasons I left…..COMMUNICATIONS!!!!! LOLOLOL Some people just don’t get it. At almost 58 years old I doubt she will at this point.

Had an interesting encounter with a new homeless person in town. A story I never experienced before. I first saw him in a wheel chair (missing a leg from the knee down) and he said he needed to feed his family can could I help him. Well I am so broke there is really no way I can and said sorry but I can’t. I saw him again the next day without his chair sitting on a bench. He asked for money to fix his chair that the wheel had fallen off of a few blocks away……..ok let me see……no leg and a few blocks from where the chair broke down……….off the path that people travel and could give him help……….talking with another guy on another bench that asked me to give them a ride…….I have no car either so the answer was no to both questions. I do wonder what happened to his chair.

Started a new glass piece and made eight bracelet blanks to get the bracelet sales started. I like the piece so far. It will be a mosaic on an old double hung window. I will post it when it is done.

Things I am thankful for:………………….


Made it another day in this world……………….

Laughing and talking with the guy on the street who’s wife is having a baby in a couple of weeks
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