Make me a bird so I can fly far far far away by Shalamar
January 2017
2828 JAN 2017
28 JAN 2017
January 28, 2017

Happy New Year everyone. I guess I use this journal at times when I just really need an outlet. I mean I ramble regardless but I have so much more to occupy my time now that I am no longer deployed to Afghanistan. Yes, I can write that now. I'm sure I could have said it at the time but never really quite sure and I'm not wanting to press my luck.

Anyone going back would know that I was deployed but I never used the term. Never said it on social media and in fact a lot of my friends I kept in contact with via social media didn't even know. lol.

It was the desert. It was foreign but I felt more safe there than I did coming back to the USA and that is because of all of this crazy stuff. There was a guy here that made statements that he wanted to kill soldiers. They put his work place, home address all over the internet. Then there are just your crazy ass people who want to kill themselves but take anyone else out with them. Children, adults it doesn't seem to matter. Riots, just look at someone sideways and you risk your life.

The hardest part was being separated from my children. No matter what you sign up for nothing can really prepare you for that. I'm back and happy. I ate so much food.

I'm one class away from my Associates Degree. It has been hard but I'm really proud of myself when it comes to that. School is not my forte. Just thinking about being one step closer to nursing is amazing to me. I just finished Biology. It went way better than I though it would. I have a B in the class right now, it actually ends tomorrow. All I have left is the final test. Unless I really screw it up I should keep the B. My next class is human Physiology and Anatomy. It was an elective but I figured it would help me to try to get some of the required nursing out of the way.

I am posting a picture of me from my deployment. Hopefully I can get some that my BHO took.
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