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April 2007
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Bobbing Along Same As Ever
April 3, 2007

Twice I have started an article on here and then stopped and done something else, losing interest in it quickly. But I will finish this article and move on!

Rob lost his house. I went to his house and helped him to move his washer, fridge/freezer and dryer, we put them in his wifes house and were done with it. We got some drinks and toasted his mistakes and discussed what he could learn from it. There is no doubts he has made a series of mistakes and is having to take the consequences of them. There is no justifying some of what he has done, but he will have to learn, as he will not have a property to bail some of it out next time. I fear he has not learnt enough, he is talking about taking a holiday to USA when there is no money for it. Not my call though. Now that he is being forced to live at his parents for a while getting to snooker is now a 40 minute drive rather than me collecting him from his house. We only played a few frames and didn't even have a drink we just headed off, it was like playing with Scotty again. Hopefully a temporary thing and he will get sorted out soon.

My poker product is still in development, trying to get a couple of hours with the house on my own is next to impossible in order to record my audio and video. eBay have now altered their feedback rating, which will make it slightly more problematic to provide a really good service. I am considering taking a stab at another system I have found, and will trial it for a month or two before committing any serious wedge to it. Same old story I guess, my research continues. I want to arrange my visit to the gym soon, as that needs starting in earnest. Again financial constraints have conspired to put the mockers on that idea for now.

An update from Scotty revealed that he is now working as a field sales agent for a company selling computer software to garages. I did a sales job like this and found totally horrible. He has now moved out of the car sales game, probably due to him selling naff all, and is now trying his hand at this. I think this is a clear indication he should have stayed up here. I hope he does not follow Robs path, I get the impression he is not the salesman he thinks he is. A good salesmen sells without appearing to be a seller, Scotty reeks of sales in every facet of his delivery. This would make me not want to buy from him. I guess the more time I spend doing nothing in the house the more I wish he was still around to chill with.

I was talking to a woman from, check that out, plenty of members and totally free. She looked ok but was older and now turns out she is 40. Bit old for me. It's really not going to happen. I had a good start on there, got plenty of messages then I just died a miserable death. Gotta sort the body out, and the money. Girls dig both. But then again single is ok.

Busy day tomorrow planned at work. Ded and Paul are viewing houses to buy, really pleased for them, wish I could!

Here's to more dreaming people.

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