Today is July 19, 2018
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January 2018

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January 10, 2018

So, I get the whole Womenís March, #metoo #timesup stuff that is going on. I see both sides. Of course, I always see both sides to a situation. Itís also why I can never make a decision. Have I been sexually harassed in a work place? Yes. Did I say anything? Not to anyone important. Do I feel Iíve been raped? Yes. Because fighting back didnít help and I knew them. Their word against mine. Am I left feeling jaded and untrusting. Yes. Does that mean I donít wear make-up and dress in sweats? No. I like looking good, for me and the people around me.

Take this morning, for instance.

I work in downtown Cleveland so most women do wear dresses/skirts and heels. Iím no different. I actually like it. Wearing heals makes me feel pretty for some reason. Maybe because Iím only 5í3Ē? My walk-in closet is filled on the one side with just dresses and skirtsÖarranged by length. The other side has shirts and sweaters. I knew what shirt I wanted to wear today and since itís been so cold lately Iíve been wearing dress pants, I knew today was going to be warmer so I decided on a skirtÖa black oneÖwhich I have about 10 of in varying lengths.

I come upon a skirt I rarely wear because it is SO very hard to walk in. It must be made out of a really tight lycra or something because it doesnít have a lot of give so it pulls everything in which makes me look and feel skinner. Itís not a short skirt either. It comes down past my knees to about the middle of my calves. Thatís where the problem is.

With the skirt being a strange length and being so tight, it makes walking really difficult. I canít lift my leg up high enough to get into my SUV because the material is so tight. I have to turn around and kinda jump up on my butt and swing my legs around.

To walk somewhat normal I have to take short steps putting one foot in front of the other instead of walking normally. Not a big deal. I donít do much walking. Although, I have to walk up 3 flight of stairs to get to where my car is parked so I might have to yank my skirt above my knees and hope I donít see anybody!

AnywayÖI stopped at the gas station this morning to get a diet pepsi. When I walked back to my car I heard someone whistle. At first I was like WTF, really? But then I was like, okÖItís not just me. I DO look good today! By the time that thought hit me I didnít get to see who whistled but I think it was one of the employees outside the gas station. I just smiled to myself and went about my day.

Should I feel offended that he whistled? Should I be annoyed he was checking me out? Iím not. Maybe all the pretty girls with the nice bodies are tired of the male attention but Iíll take it! That doesnít mean I want to be groped.

So I donít know how this ďtime of feminismĒ will end. Will it not end until all the men are out of jobs and are replaced by females? Will it end if everyone makes the same amount of money no matter what? Does every t.v. and movie need to be written, directed and produced by females? During the Golden Globes Natalie Portman said, ďAnd the all male nominees areÖ..Ē Were there females worthy of being nominated? I donít know.

I just wonder how this all endsÖ
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