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Heaven Help me by fourplet
March 2010
6What if
81600 really
12... in a *relationship*
13catholic guilt
14long time ...
16it's what I do ... *sigh*
19Neurotic much?
20Surf and turf
25Health care reform my ass
27track meet
28Dragon breath of the sun

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March 22, 2010

Just happened? I came home and was in a decent mood. I got a lot accomplished. Was a bit annoyed as i had to take John to the doctor. His medication is causing him to lose weight. Because of this it's a monthly visit to watch his weight. Mike was off today and I casually approached him this weekend to see if he'd take him. That idea fell flat ... so I was left rescheduling my afternoon to take John to the 15 minute appointment. Yes, that annoyed me.

Did I say anything? No, it would have caused a big to do over nothing. I'm used to taking them to their doctor appointments. Mike was great in bringing him to the office for me so I didn't have to drive all the way home.

I had full intention on working when I got home. So as soon as I walked in, I asked him a question relating to work as the information I needed would have to come from him. He rolled his eyes. Whoops, yep that's right -- we are home so there is no talk about work. I walked off said never mind I'll ask you tomorrow. Things esculated. Fuck!

John was upset about Marshall playing Grand Theft auto. The rule is no grand theft auto here. Somehow Marshall has Mike's PSP and his grand theft auto game. I'm sure I know he got it. Marshall and Alex play the PSP quite frequently. The fourplet do not. John was upset, this is a known contention point here as Marshall is allowed to play grand theft auto at his home. Mike got annoyed. I assumed it more towards John for calling attention to it... maybe it wasn't who knows.

Things esculate again. John im'd me today at work wondering why he still has laudry and trash back. Even though Jacob did a piss poor job at trash. Mike changes the chore chart each week, so I asked how come Jacob got rid of trash but John still has laundry. Mike lights into me on how Alex and Marsh has all the chores over the weekend and if I don't like how he does it to change it.

This pissed me off - Marshall and Alex never have all the chores. They switch between trash, empty dishwasher, sort laundy and clean off table. They NEVER have put away laundry. EVER. I'm annoyed at this. I'm annoyed that Alex gets out of having to clean her room EVERY time. This weekend she threw a fit, refused to clean her room -- so her step sister Sammie cleaned it. Alex swears she never makes any of the mess. Most times Ally helps her.

This weekend she was ticked and telling MIke how unfair it was to clean her room because the girls left it like that and went their dads. I chimed in that there are many weeks that Alex leaves a mess here when she goes back to her moms and we are left having to clean it or the cleaning people get it. What happens? Sammie cleaned the whole upstairs and Alex gets off scott free again.

This house? It annoys me right now. I cannot separate the fair vs unfair that I lived through as a child from what is happening today. Mike doesn't want to rock the boat because Alex and Marshall aren't here as much but at the same time ... the kids aren't the servants and maids upstairs either.

I'm annoyed now and just want to leave. I wasn't this way when I walked in ... but now I am.
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