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pebble scratchings by siri
April 2008
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23how i spent earth day

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how i spent earth day
April 23, 2008

yesterday was a beautiful spring day and over a pre-shower break of a miller lite and a handful of mixed nuts i whispered a prayer of thanks to our mother earth for the gift of that day and a fervent prayer for healing and sustainable choices for the future. but this was already midway thru earth day so i'm starting in the middle of the story.

first, there was the watering of the newly planted zinnia, sunflower and marigold seeds. said watering made me appreciate said water and re-commit to dogged adherence to water conservation, particularly that grey water bucket practice.

this was followed by considerable thinning of the snow on the mountain bushes which are currently being attacked by an inch long caterpillar like critter in locust like biblical numbers. serious contemplation about how to handle this situation including and possibly con-cluding with a wait and see do nothing more than this approach.

a bird bath was relocated, cleaned and re-filled. a potted yellow elder was relocated to make room for the bird bath which led to the banana tree island which seriously begged for considerable weeding. in the process of considerable weeding i found many buried bricks which were dug up and added to the line of bricks bordering the strawberry guava bed. considerable weeding produced a nice sized clear patch of earthworm friendly habitat which led me back to the garage for another pack of aforementioned zinnia seeds. today i'll be adding a pot of basil and cilantro to this very available abode.

i wasn't tired enough yet for the beer so i grabbed a hoe and continued hoeing a patch of weeds that have moved into a previously mulched path thru the garden. today i'll be calling around for mulch (our previously free, locally produced pine tree mulch sadly disappeared a few years ago when the "vacant" lot next to us was "developed" into a midsized mcmansion).

finally, i chopped up all the trimmings into 12 inch lengths to fit into our "green-vegetative" bin for curbside pick up. (it was way too much for my compost bin here.)

while i sipped and munched and prayed and pondered i watched a warbler find her lunch in our turf and a lizard watched me watch him before moving on to the next task in his/her day. i couldn't help noticing the perfect compliment of the yellow flowers of the thryalis beside the purple blooms of the lobelia which leaned ever so slightly with their weight taking the eye to the new spring green carpet of grass. gratitude for such simple gifts and the gift of all gifts, the time to take all this in, just filled my little heart, now aching wrist and increasingly relaxed body (it only takes one beer).

then i navy showered. (down to two or three of these per week.) cleaned the shower with vinegar/water til it sparkled again. dried off with a sun-dried still stiff towel. (i've grown to love the feel of board like coarseness coupled with the fragrance of fresh air, line dried toweling.) dusted my arm pits with baking soda. dressed. ate a leftover salad of mixed greens, orange sections, walnuts and purple onion dressed lightly in olive oil and white balsamic vinegar- back in the sun in the garden. i couldn't help thinking as i relished every bite of the 100 million now desperately hungry, the greed of food hoarding corporations waiting for the prices to rise again, the mindless greed of our practice of valuing continued consumption over hungry children. i appreciated that salad, every bite, and i vowed again to do still more to disengage from a system of such inequity.

i fired off an email requesting bulk food bins in our local grocery store. not that i expect results. just because.

i didn't buy a single thing. i didn't wear a cute new i love the earth t shirt. for most of the day i wore earth stained rags!

in fact, my day was pretty much like any other regular day. simple and slow. a little dirt along the way but nothing that vinegar and baking soda can't cure.
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