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pebble scratchings by siri
June 2012
2hella week pictures
9to do list
10moving on day
11back to the beginning pictures
12catching you up thru pictures
13getting to know you
18new home owners, rv style
20scrapbook post...with pics
21en route for scheduled pick up
25stuff, where to put it, what to take, what to leave
26bones, dogs and coffee
27phase 4...onward, north & west
28pics of pizza & reed bingham st pk, georgia
30trace st pk, near tupelo ms

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new home owners, rv style
June 18, 2012

here's the update in words. having issues with photobucket this morning so i can't seem to attach or even upload photos. maybe later.

thurs- drove to see & test drive 2 rvs in the center of the state. winnebago view 2006, and itasca cambria. the winnie model is much smaller..almost like an extra long & tall van. it reminded me very much of driving our old vw van, my fav car ever. a diesel (mercedes) had a real european feel plus the cab sits up front and higher. the itasca was a larger rv (the extra floor space & storage was really nice). it has a ford motor, regular gas, less mpg..about 6 to 8. the view gets 15 to 18 mpg, a real plus.

conclusion following test drive- siri would not be driving the rv much if the itasca rv became home. it just felt too large. i couldn't imagine ever feeling comfortable behind the wheel unless i was driving on an interstate in the right lane. period. nowhere else! that's hardly realistic. so, a smaller rv (i.e. the winnebago view or itasca navion) would be our only choices.

fri- looked at & drove a 2007 winnebago view. 47,000 miles, with an ac problem, but very gently used.

drove down the road aways and c drove a 2006 winn.view. this resulted in ruling out the 2006 versions. just a much rougher ride. some engine changes were made between the 06 and 07 models. the ride is definitely smoother & quieter in the 07 model, so the field narrowed more.

drove to the coast to see another 07 view. test drive went well. 22,000 miles. a couch along the middle wall instead of a bench type dinette. this actually opened up a wider aisle and floor space down the center of the rv..very nice with 2 med sized dogs always underfoot. they agreed to remove the unnecessary bed over the cab so we could install a cargo net there instead to add extra storage space.

sat- made an offer on the 07 view. handshakes! deal sealed!! we own a new to us home on 6 wheels!!!! very excited!!! they will spiffy it all up for us and we'll pick it up on thursday!

drove back to base camp at bo's apt.

sun- happy father's day! thought of all the dads here, wished you well! the girls and i loved up the dad in our life. c said he had the best father's day gift ever, a 2007 winnebago view!

we visited bo. c's sister had just ended her visit which was a shopping trip for pants and a couple shirts. we took him out to a nearby bakery. bo sat at the table and c asked him what he wanted to drink. without hesitation he replied, "un cerveza". (a beer!) c laughed and explained. then said, well, there's a bar/grille down the street, if you want a beer, let's go there. so we loaded up again and drove down the street for's father's get your wish! we ordered beers all around (50% off) and fish dip/chips appetizer, (bo had just eaten lunch). bo guzzled down one glass and c escorted him to the restroom. they came back, the waitress offered another round and bo nodded for a second hit! so c and i watched him enjoy his second glass. then we loaded up and drove him home for a nice siesta.

it was hard, that hug goodbye at the end. c had explained during beers and bo seemed to understand but we all know by tomorrow he won't remember any of it, nor know how long between our visits. we have no idea really when we will be back again or what might happen in that length of time. i had the camera in the car. thought about taking it out for pictures. never did.

one last glimpse of bo, smiling, settling into his recliner in the tv room with the other home residents. we closed the door and walked down the narrow sidewalk to the driveway. by then my tears were flowing freely so c and i stood in the driveway hugging, both shedding some tears now. after a few minutes we gathered our emotions together again enough to drive to ba's new apt for dinner.

c's sister met us there. ba's new apt is very nice. just the right size for her. a beautiful view of a small lake out her back windows. with bus service and some other support type assistance built into her new community she should be well set up now to transition to senior senior living. retirement (about time, she's 80!) suits her..she looked rested and healthier than she's looked in at least the last year. the pain from her arthritis in her neck is much less now that she is not aggravating the nerves each day at work as a seamstress.

after dinner we all sat on ba's couch and looked at old pics from cuba. bo and ba so young. ba at age 16 in some of them. so beautiful and exotic looking. bo strong, young, very trim and muscular.

in the driveway at bo's i'd told c i'd intended to take some pics of him with bo. that i couldn't. c agreed. neither one of us want to remember these days with bo. just too sad.

mon- today is regrouping day. lots of little details to handle....bills, research on titles, insurance, registration. looking at our stuff again with even more downsizing in mind.

abra and sancho are stretched out on bo's tile floor...yes! rest! we like!
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