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pebble scratchings by siri
January 2018
550 great things from a rough year
25be joyful though you have considered all the facts

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50 great things from a rough year
January 5, 2018

i'm easing in to this new year. I haven't formed any intentions yet except i'm thinking of a less screen time on social media, and journaling more regularly again.

some highlights of 2017 (mostly a pretty dismal year for our country) but this is a personal list where the real happens every day if we are awake enough to catch it by the tail, not that the political doesn't influence the personal, a lesson I think we are all about to learn better soon...

these are in no particular order and i'll have to come back as I think of more but for starters-

1. speaking in Spanish again. reading and writing and thinking in Spanish again.

2. learning new things. thinking of more new things i'd like to learn.

3. going to san carlos without c. some things I enjoy experiencing are just not his cup of tea. i'm glad I went anyway. one evening, high on a bluff overlooking the bay, we saw frigate birds soaring. there were dolphins and seals in the harbor. I met brother david.

4. going on water drops with r and c. bouncing over "roads" that sometimes became "washes", stopping, loading up gallons of water in backpacks and then one in one hand so the other could use my hiking stick to scamper down desert landscapes to find a cache. leaving new marked bottles and picking up the used or damaged. straightening blankets or food stashes and replacing the crates over all. taking out any basura left behind.

5. cutting green beans into tiny pieces at el comedor. they saute them first and then add in scrambled eggs for the morning meal. serving plates and filling drinks to the visitors, sitting with the women there. it is always harder to make them smile but I try. greeting a van load of lgbtq migrants from mexico and other countries who were traveling thru to seek asylum. they are currently in prison in NM awaiting their hearings but the day they arrived they were happy and joyful together and loved trying on the donated clothing we always bring.

6. one early morning at sh's, watching her make coffee, sipping it slowly together on her back patio before the heat of the day took hold

7. la roca with sh and the gang after el comedor

8. margaritas with c at wisdom's

9. whale watching with s and b

10. meeting b's family on the streets of san Francisco with dazzling dahlias

11. elephant seals with s and b

12. and most especially, bumper cars and card games with music and chickens sleeping on the dutch door

13. nerf gun fight with e, b and ch in the new house

14. face time with em, naked downward facing dog, watch, she says, looking back at the phone between her cute toddler legs

15. yoga in the living room with her

16. letting abby lead us on her daily walks, watching her enjoying so much her new house and neighborhood, she was so happy here

17. deciding to spend the money to bring everyone to FL for g's memorial, taking s's suggestion to splurge on the more expensive lodging so we could be together with the rest of those coming

18. seeing the stress of the move from one house to a smaller house evaporate from b's face and shoulders on the morning of the second day in the new house. that first walk thru the forest of ferns to the river.

19. discovering and then rescuing tarantulas from the pool

20. watching bats swirl in circles around the feeder in the patio

21. sundogs, sunset and sunrises, moon rises and moon sets

22. ocotillos blooming, the greening of the desert

23. a Mojave rattlesnake and antelope and great egrets on a search with k

24. inca doves in the fountain of the patio of our hotel in san carlos

25. eating lunch at the Tucson garden café on my bday while c was in mn with ch and family

26. the raptor free flight show, the immature caracara practically brushing our heads as it flew over. c ducked.

27. two good books at year's end---britt marie was here and in the midst of winter

28. my hummer friend (male costas) and the lesser goldfinches loving the oranges, hardly bigger than hummers themselves

29. the morning we saw 4 coyotes in the arroyo

30. the evening, on our way to see p play at el cocina, finding a bobcat in our driveway when we opened the garage door

31. p playing at el cocina

32. meeting d, an old friend, for drinks and nachos at el cocina

33. pickleball, pickleball, pickleball

34. discovering a new, healthier way of eating, feeling better and losing weight effortlessly

35. s and b's movie, monkey and giraffe, and seeing ch and b's movie of the kids' reaction to monkey and giraffe, then finding the box on the porch and opening it, Em hugging giraffe and e trying to look at the world thru monkey's sunglasses

36. mary oliver in the morning, always

37. p teaching me (trying to) one of the line dances he'd learned at line dance class as we waited for Spanish class to begin

38. that time I nailed a paragraph in Spanish and my classmates applauded

39. hearing c on the phone telling me the ultrasound showed it wasn't a blood clot in his leg only a baker's cyst behind his knee.

40. what the hell is a baker's cyst?

41. and why is my thumb popping now? oh, my pball friends tell me...that's "trigger finger"....ah, so much to learn about growing old. it's not for the faint of heart, as they say!

42. so thankful so far all the health issues are relatively minor

43. lunch with ch & b and kids at a dive bar with great bloody marys

44. watching UM win with c and the Netflix series grace and Frankie

45. leo's

46. ch's poem, ball

47. a drive by sighting of a family of harris' hawks working a field near the library, recognizing them, that feeling that i'm becoming better acquainted with my new home

48. taboo with s and br, "sometimes you give me a headache" and laughing so long my face started hurting

49. pickleball with s, br and c

50. a magical Cinderella with j

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