Today is August 21, 2018
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pebble scratchings by siri
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February 12, 2018

c and I painted the shelving materials for our closet conversion on Sunday. today he screwed in the braces and positioned the 3 new shelves. ta-da! coat/entry closet (never used for coats) converted to a much needed, can't wait to start using kitchen pantry! one nice feature of a very small house is that the "foyer" is only steps away thru "the dining room" from "the kitchen". it's really all one big room, so the pantry is just around a corner a few steps from the fridge. I can't wait to start organizing those new shelves! I have things stored in a helter-skelter, wherever they fit, make use of every inch of cupboard space now. it makes searching for ingredients or keeping stock of needed items a frequent source of frustration. that's the con. the pro is that it forces me to think thru all the steps of a recipe and gather every needed item before I begin.

the sabbatical from social media is going well. i am finding more time for reading real books and blogs. i am writing more. it's surprising to me how much less anxious i feel about everything. it reminds me of Life Before the Internet. i'd forgotten how much slower everything felt then, how much more tangible relationships were. friends meeting face to face, letters that arrived in the mail, handwritten pages to hold between your finger tips as you read updates from friends or family miles away. news could take its time arriving and that was okay then. you didn't have to respond or reply in a split second. news that couldn't wait arrived via phone call. a real voice on the other end of the line with all the feelings palpable coming through the silences, the cadences, the inflections. i haven't dropped the ball entirely but i have set up some parameters. checking email twice a day, for example. browsing FB a few times each day for just a few minutes at a time, carefully tuning in to my feelings as i browse.

we go back to mexico in the morning. hopefully this will be c's last visit to the dentist there for awhile. they will place the implants finally after a long process that began months ago. then we'll eat at leo's and look for the little shop where we found the talavera tile switch plate covers.

we'll be back in time to attend a meeting concerning the purchase of a parcel of land for a new pickleball center. the club wants to build a 24 court center and the local rec organization is in favor of it too. homeowners around the proposed property are concerned about the lights and noise, the traffic coming and going, and whether it will effect their property values. the club is seeking a solution for wait times on the limited number of courts for play now. there are 800 or so club members and particularly during the season, courts are in high demand. there are only 11 courts now and only 4 have lights for play at night. the club expects the new increased interest in the sport to grow over time. a sponsor is willing to put up some big bucks if a center is built which would be able to host large tournaments that are becoming more popular. if the club decides to just build a few courts the sponsor will pull out. that's about all we know at this point. supposedly we will hear real facts and information (as opposed to rumor) at the meeting which will help c and i decide where we stand on the decision. i have reservations on environmental issues and concerns about promoting growth. i worry about stealing more land from the animals and birds and adding more noise to their world. and having lived in FL for so many years, watching developers run wild and virtually destroy that state, i get nervous any time townships start talking about "real possibilities for greater growth".
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