Today is July 18, 2018
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pebble scratchings by siri
April 2018
25thoughts while reading mary

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April 16, 2018

i'm feeling good about the sabbatical from fb. it's a decision I realize I've been inching toward for quite a while now.

I read the article on not shopping for two years. she actually says the title of her experiment wasn't appropriately chosen. a more exact wording would be a ban on "browsing", mindlessly shopping, wherein one wanders thru online shopping sites or in person store "shopping" without any real purpose in mind or a specific item to find. how assaulting on the senses the experience is now for her, in person or online. too many images at once. too much stuff at once. how much she dislikes, even hates it now whenever she's forced to engage in it, how her thoughts are only "how fast can I get this item purchased so I can get back to things I want to do". now, she contemplates purchases for a long time prior to ever looking for them online or in person once her decision is made to buy. that way she is certain it is a purchase she truly needs or wants and will value each time she sees or uses it once purchased. a very intentional, well considered act, rather than the mindless time suck of previous habits. and all the time reading of her experiences i'm thinking how easy it would be to overlay "social media" with her experiment on "shopping/browsing".

I have a friend from pickleball who is now in GA in the early days of his AT hike this summer. I've started following him on a site called "track my tour". he woke up to snow this morning, and the trail was a river of rain yesterday. other than that tho, he's had great weather so far. his photos bring back all the smells, sounds and sights of time spent on trails, in trees and forests, vistas from mountains. I can't imagine the day in/day out grind tho. his wife said, just think of it as hiking 10 miles today. (she is on her own adventure in Europe with her sister, i.e., she's not ON the trail with him) a 10 mile day would be challenging enough, but 10 miles today, sleeping on the ground, waking up, doing 10 miles again that day and so on til Sept? let's just say I have a lot of respect for thru hikers!

april is my favorite month here. it's our second trip around the sun in this new home of ours. the first year each month unfolded like a surprise in the mail, oh, look what arrived! this year, each month's arrival feels more like a magazine we've subscribed to, full of fresh news but also somewhat predictable in content, more familiar now.

most of the seasonal residents will leave by the end of this month. then the valley will feel even quieter. the animals will come back. there won't be an audible sigh but it will feel like one. it reminds me of crowded summer campgrounds on weekends vs Monday morning when you wake up and take that first walk after everyone leaves again. it was like a slow cleansing exhale, followed by a fresher fuller inhale when you realize you weren't exactly holding your breath all weekend but you weren't really breathing deeply either. now you can feel that oxygen again passing thru your nostrils, cooling the back of your throat, filling your lungs, expanding your chest, massaging your gut, a deep, fulfilling, soothing flow, in/out, in/out, and only the sounds of birds chirping and singing from their perches in the breathing trees nearby.
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