Today is August 19, 2018
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June 2018
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June 13, 2018

yesterday morning i had the follow up visit after bloodwork to check cholesterol levels. my dr had told me to take the red yeast rice at night before bed but i often forget to do that and find the capsules at breakfast the next day when i take out the vitamins for my eyes. so oddly, i thought to mention that to her when she asked how i was doing. thank goodness i did! she explained that the numbers are down, both the overall and the LDL, about 20 points each but 211 overall is still higher than she'd (or i'd) like. she said just looking at the numbers she would have recommended a pharmaceutical but now that i'd explained about how often i was forgetting the natural statin (the only one i've been able to take without side effects previously) she was willing to let me stay the course and check back in next year in feb when my annual physical is due. so the "prescription" was: just make sure you take the red yeast rice every night, keep doing the other things you've been doing (diet, exercise, weight loss). (i weighed 131 and my blood pressure was 130/ the way of eating and exercise is def helping there. i think substituting ice water with a little oj for a rita each night is def helping, Wink and i don't miss it as much as i thought i would. i'm down to 2 or 3 drinks a week which is def better for my brain too! also, in the last two weeks i'm trying to cut way back on the number of processed blue corn or tortilla chips as i think they are a source of fat that i don't need and am working to eliminate in cooking (not to mention sodium). if i substitute a half a piece of whole wheat bread i am usually satisfied and i avoid the mindless "just one more" chip habit. so i was happy with this prescription which gives me more time to work on reducing these numbers without having to try out some new pharmaceutical and the possible side effects.

so we came home and i used the last of the "gray squash" in a vegan pasta dish. i added mushrooms and spinach, tossed the veggies with the pasta and tossed in a batch of "ricotta cheese" which was really tofu, nutritional yeast, lemon juice, pasta water, garlic, salt and pepper whirred in the blender to a ricotta like consistency. it was yummy along with a nice tossed salad. this "way of eating" is definitely not hard at all. dessert was the last few slices of watermelon (also from the co-op) and a date.

later, we took our pball/gym stuff and drove over to watch the 4.5/5.0 folks play in a round robin. we weren't sure if this was their place to play but we figured if they weren't there we'd either play ourselves or work out in the gym a little. we ended up playing with k and gl and watching the higher level players as well. we always enjoy our practice/games with k and gl. k usually has a new drill to teach us and we always find reasons to smile and laugh while playing. last night we all stood for a few minutes just to study the sky as the sun began to set and i pointed out a sundog. k says we should all pack a potluck and meet at a local garden one late afternoon when it cools down just a little. we could take a walk, check out the gardens, eat and watch the sky.

on sunday evening we played pingpong, just c and i. there was only one table at the rec center closest to us and when c read the times posted by the door one of the maintenance guys told c "no one ever uses it! i wish someone would!" so we had fun and hopefully made him happy too on monday when he put the table away and saw the roster indicating we'd signed in to play. so we've added that to the week's routine. maybe when we get a few practice sessions in we'll see what it's like at the center where more folks play.

today, we're visiting a new pool where c found an ai chi class... we had to look that up! it's a water exercise similar to tai chi...supposedly especially good for arthritis or respiratory problems.

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