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So very blessed....and just a little bit crazy.. by Reggi
August 2005
1August 1st?...///...Piss poor moods all around
3Can you hear me now?
4The perfect way to cheer yourself up when everyone and everything sucks.....
5The Cat Lady
6Some people will argue about ANYTHING..from my forum:
7Sad big boys, worried little boys and Johnny Depp
8Apparently I need to use smaller words:
10Pod People
11They say death comes in threes....
12....and through the clouds a stray sunbeam shows us better days are coming, if we'll only hold on...
13Interesting position
14Big sister
15You might be a vet tech if....
16Interesting, although unimportant facts:
17God, I suck....///...Drama Mama's
18Maybe death comes in 4's...//,,Large animals are fun!!!
19I hate my job...aka: Rocky's a douchebag
20What the deuce?!
22Wow Stefan.....I know where you're coming from....
23As darkness settles
24Sad eyes
25Lobotomies are performed in the administration area..//..August SUCKS!!
26But it's Friday Night!
27Sway...///....Knowing too much can be problematic
28Attn; Fellow Journalers, I need help!....////......"Sing to me"
29Kind of cute when they beg...until you find out they're full of shit.
30Sinking fast...//..Mr. Clean...//..Finally getting the message..//..Too Funny!!!!!
31Found one that works!!...////....Welcome Slut Gem

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But it's Friday Night!
August 26, 2005


Seems the powers that be that run this little blueish-green dot that I live on are trying to tell me something today.

I get a phone call at 0700 this morning from my friend Rick, "Hey Lis? You work tonight? Because if you don't I was thinking that we should go to the Runway and have a couple adult beverages. Whaddya think?"

Um...I was thinking, "It's seven-oh-freaking-clock in the morning and you're already worried about drinking tonight?".

However, I told him that I didn't think I'd be able to because I have to be up in the morning to open the store. Rick's reply?

"But it's Friday night!"

As if that makes a difference.

I go to open lab this morning, and while doing to physical examination on a pissed off tabby cat, my lab partner, SuperSmart says, "We should go out after open lab and head to Superior and have a couple drinks. It's gotta be noon somewhere. Whaddya think?"

Um...I'm thinking "0830 is WAY too early to be pondering having a beer, especially when I'm currently up to my elbow in pissed off feline."

I tell her I'm gonna have to pass because I have to go to work. Her reply?

"But it's Friday night!"

Technically, it was Friday morning, but I guess that was neither here nor there.

At work, my godmother's son, David comes in. I haven't seen him in at least 15 years. We've talked online a couple times, but until recently he was living in Washington. He says that he'd stopped in before, but I hadn't been there. We have a nice little visit, and then he says, "Hey, we should get together tonight and have a couple and talk about the old days. Whaddya think?"

Um..."I think that I haven't seen you in 15 years, and this little visit has been more than significant reason for me to remember WHY I haven't seen you in 15 years." But I tell him that I can't, because I have to open the store in the morning, so I can't be out late.

His reply? Yeah, you guessed it:

"But it's Friday Night!"

My question is, when in the world did 'but it's Friday night' become a valid reason to do anything? I mean, yeah, it's supposedly the end of the work week, and all the working stiffs are supposed to go out and celebrate having made it through another 5 days without bashing in their bosses skull, but I'm not a normal nine-to-fiver, and I don't have Saturday and Sunday off.

Technically, Friday is really my Thursday.

At any rate, I'm not going drinking tonight. Oh, don't get me wrong, I'd love to go and cut loose and have a few and tie a good one on...but that's not going to happen. I have to be responsible and make sure that I'm bright eyed and bushy tailed for work in the morning. I should act like a responsible adult and go to bed early.

But it's Friday night!

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