Today is August 21, 2018
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So very blessed....and just a little bit crazy.. by Reggi
February 2018
1Holy Hell....a January recap.
2Mono Day 7
3What a lovely way to start the day
4To Those Coming To MN For The Super Bowl
7A New Side Of Geno
8La Crosse Day 1
9La Crosse Day 2
10La Crosse Day 3.....The Bedbug Diaries
11La Crosse Day 4....the Journey Home
12She's Officially Moving Out
13Reunited With My Favorite Girl
14Best Valentine's Dates Ever
16Stalker Girl
17Duluth Boat, Travel and Hunting Show
18Petty but hurt anyway
19It Pays To Have Connections
20Snow Day?
21Geno Gets The Cold Shoulder
22New Employee Concerns
23The Beginning Of The End
24Girl's Day
25It's Official
27Still DIYing It
28Cuddle Time With My Girl

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Holy Hell....a January recap.
February 1, 2018


Holy hell....did I completely blow January off or what? I feel like I was just so scattered that I never had time to sit down and get things together.

Let's do a quick recap of notable things, shall we? Then we'll pretend that I didn't slack off for a whole month.

January 1: Ellen let Glory slip out the front door. I spent about 30 minutes chasing my dog all over the neighborhood. I was wearing my PJs and slippers. No jacket. No boots. No mittens. It is -35 out.....-70 with the windchill. I ended up with frostbite on three of my toes. I told Ellen she has 2 months to find somewhere else to live. Also found out that our co-worker, S was arresed last night for burglarizing her best friend's grandfather's house. She's still in jail. Eryn and H...(S's best friend) are devastated. We are going to fire her and thus begins a new hunt for a new bather.

January 3 - Erin broke the till at work. I 'fixed' it. By 'fixed' it....I mean that I took it apart and wasn't able to put it back together. Whoops.

January 6 - Spent the day with my crush's daughter, Joc. Joc is a brilliant, articulate, funny, adorable 9 year old that I would hang out with even if she wasn't Geno's daughter. I ended up with her on a fluke...told him I was going to a pottery place to paint and he mentioned that Joc loves the place. I told him I was going with my friend Tammie and her daughter Cate, and that Joc was welcome to join us. He took me up on it and dropped Joc off with me at 9 am. I had her until about 6pm. We did the pottery thing, we went to lunch with Tammie and Cate. We went to the mall and did some shopping. We came back here and did some crafty things. She didn't want to leave. I think sometimes that Geno forgets that she's a little girl. His other two kids are is hugely into hockey and the other is 6....they do lots and lots of boy things, and sometimes forget that there's a girl in the house too. I told him that I'm more than happy to hang out with her whenever he'd like. Even if I decide to stop chasing him...I'm going to keep her around. She's a great kid. I had an awesome day.

January 9th - One of the best things about working where I work is that I get to bring Glory to work with me every day. She's a young pitbull and has more energy than one critter should really ever have. Today she had a big day.....she got a bath...then she bothered Eryn's dog Quinn....then Geno brought his dog, Milkshake over to play. She was so exhausted that night that she literally slid off the couch sleeping and didn't even wake up when she hit the floor. She was just laying there on the floor....snoring. No one can tire a dog out like another dog.

January 12 - With an incredibly broken heart, I sent Vinnie over the rainbow bridge today. He and I had an amazing 12+ years together....lots of adventures and laughter and memories were made. When we had his check up today, his levels were horrible and I could tell how tired he was. I told him that I loved him and told him that if he was ready to go, that it would be okay and I'd see him again one day. I knew it was time. He was my constant companion for over a decade...and ending his suffering was the best way to repay him for all the unconditional love he gave me. As he slipped away, I told him, "I will love you and miss you forever Bubs." and I meant it. He was a huge personality in a tiny little world was so enriched because he was a part of it. IMG_1473

January 13 - Grief is like an ocean....missing Bubs comes in waves. Sometimes the sadness isn't too being in a shallow tide pool ..but some times the waves are violent, turbulent....threatening to drown me. I know he was "just a dog"....but I don't think I'll ever forget the moment his heart stopped while mine kept beating. I guess I just miss him like hell..

January 14- After a couple days of wallowing over the loss of Vinnie, Liz forced me to leave the house today. We went to the pottery place to pick up the items I had done with Joc a week ago, and we ended up staying and painting a couple things. Eryn and her daughter Bailee joined us. After, we stopped at Teavana because the one here is closing...I've been wanting a perfect tea maker forever but I'm way too cheap to spend $25 on essentially a plastic cup. However, today, they're only $4...because the joint is I bought 3. I'm such a weirdo. Then it was a quick trip to Michaels and Chipotle before coming home and chilling with Glory. It was good for me to get out and stop feeling bad for myself.

January 19 - Happy Anniversary....thank you.
Happy 3 Year Sober Anniversary

January 23 - Insomnia thoughts #65763:
Cough, rough, though, through...why don't those words rhyme, but for some god forsaken reason pony and bologna do?

January 24 - After signing up for a huge craft show in the Cities, I was 100% freaking out over the show in 2 days. Will I have enough stuff? Will I bring too much? Will I make money or will this be an expensive and collassol failure? Even though I've done hundreds of show at this point, I'm super stressed out over this one. I know I just have to put my head down and get everything organized... seems like an unrealistic expectation. I know I can do this.....but first, coffee.

January 26/27 - Winter Carnival Craft and Vendor show in St. Paul. There isn't a big enough word to describe this show. It was a horrible failure. This was the second show I've done with this specific organizer and the second one I haven't made any money at. It solidified the fact that I won't be doing any more of her shows. It was expensive, there wasn't a ton of traffic through it, and those who were there, really weren't buying. I think the location was bad. I think that the organizers are out of their depth. They've only been doing shows since September and I think they got too big too fast. The biggest issue though is that they refuse to learn. I spoke to her several times about things she should be doing to help her vendors feel better about things. I mean....I've put on shows where no one really made money...but none of the vendors were pissed because I kept checking on them, reassuring them that we were doing everything we could to make it better, etc. This organizer didn't introduce herself to the vendors...didn't check on us....didn't really do anything to rectify the problems we were having. So...since I spent about $400 on this show and made exactly $46, I definitely won't be doing more of hers. At least I got to spend a weekend with Karen and Alena. That made things a bit better. I never really get to hang out with them, so getting two days with them was nice. There was lots of laughing and tons of new inside jokes made. So I guess the weekend wasn't horrible.

January 28-present - Sick as a dog. I've had this cough and sore throat thing going on for weeks and have finally decided to do something about it. I'm now on antibiotics and pain medication and have been off work for a week. All I do is sleep. Mono is something super's definitely the cure for insomnia.

And now I'm caught up....I'll do my best not to ever forget to write for this long again.

Love until later,

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