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November 2020
November 4, 2020

Wednesday 7pm~

Yup I’ve managed to let months go by again... but in my defense I’ve been working A LOT.

(But let me first state that we’re all still healthy and COVID free and doing well before I go off on my work related tangent!)

The new bar has been great... I love my boss, my patrons and was elated to be there up until two weeks ago.

My deposit bag from a busy Friday night went missing out of the safe. I won’t bore with details but let’s just say “safe” is a loose term for what it is.
It doesn’t actually lock and EVERYONE has access to it.
It’s a shitshow way to do business and it’s not the first time (before I worked there) that money went missing.

I know 1000% I put the money in there but come the following Monday when the bar manager went to do the money it was missing.
And last night I was told I am responsible for $146 that was lottery cash. The sales (almost $700 in cash) they are willing to let slide because they whole heartedly know I didn’t take the money.
But WTF?!?!
At least four other people were in and out of that “safe” since I put it in there. How can I be solely responsible?!?
But out of respect for the owner I just agreed to pay it because I loved working there.
Stupid me...

Then today the bartender on, who happens to be the bar mangers daughter and whom my gut tells me took the money, started blowing up my phone saying I left the bar a mess... I worked last night.
First of all... BULLSHIT!
Secondly, I can handle that maybe you don’t like me (I was really good friends with her boyfriend before they met and now he barely speaks to me obviously because of her) and are trying to pull shit to get me fired but who the fuck are you to even text me with utter crap and then to tell me, and I quote, “DO YOUR FUCKING JOB”, that I “get paid to hang out” AND she does all the “grunt work” so I can “get paid to hang out”!!!
Bitch please...
I run circles around that arrogant lying cunt... when I work my sales are quadruple her BEST day on my slowest shift... go suck a dick!
I have brought more people into that bar that never stepped foot in there before and they spend money... BIG MONEY... she has chased away two regulars almost a third and brings NO ONE in!

I immediately tried to call her but it went right to voicemail meaning she denied the call... then I get a text saying she’s busy with customers and can’t talk...
Bullshit because she constantly bitches how no one shows up before 1pm and it was 11am.

I replied one time to her owning that I did forget to empty one trash can that wasn’t even a third full and to lock the dumpster but that everything else was done. I ended the text with something to the effect of “thanks for the team building pep talk”.

She replied two more times with HUGE LONG TEXTS with more bullshit and insults.

I called the owner (because I don’t answer to her!) and went off.
I’m mild mannered... and polite... I was raised a Southerner and that’s just how we are. It’s often mistaken for weakness because people here pride themselves in being raunchy badasses that take no shit.
Well guess what... me either and I will NOT work in a toxic environment that is allowed simply because you’re related to the manager.

But here’s the best part... I had an interview Monday night at another bar and was hired on the spot. They want a day bartender and it’s a much nicer place with a full kitchen and menu which means better sales and higher tips. They are more than willing to work around my existing schedule and out of respect for Paul, the owner, who gave me a job when I had nowhere to work, I would NEVER fuck him over. And I was honest and told him last night about the new job.

So he’s aware I have other options and I told him today I will not be spoken to even via text like that and told by a 35 year old new bartender how to do what I’ve been doing off and on for over THIRTY FUCKING YEARS!
I also told him I think she took the money and I’m not paying a penny back of money I did not take. They watched the tapes and could clearly see me leave the office empty handed.
I told him deep down he knows she took it too and that’s why you only asked me to repay Keno... but fuck that I’m not paying it.
Fire me!
I told him I didn’t want to just quit but I have had anxiety every time I’ve walked in there since the money went missing in fear of what fresh new hell was awaiting me.
That is NO WAY to live and I won’t do it.
I reminded him of the conversation we had JUST last night specifically about her and how she’s chased two regulars and almost a third away. How she’s currently dating a regular who no longer comes in the bar and used to bring a bunch of friends and spend a lot of money.
Customers specifically avoid her shifts and complain that she’s rude.
His words not mine.
But yet she’s still there and now causing chaos between bartenders.
Who the fuck does she even think she is???
I told him let her take my Friday night shift where I do more sales in one night than she does in two weeks and see if she still thinks I get “paid to hang out”???
He knew I was beyond furious and asked me to not be upset (as if) and to please not quit on him. He said he was heading to the bar right then and there to talk to her and he’d “handle it”.

I love him but he’s a pussy when it comes to the bar and always wants to be the nice guy and it always bites him in the ass.
I don’t wanna be all “me or her” but he better handle it or I’m GONE!!!!

I have never worked in a bar that allows one bartender to do a shitty job and basically bully customers and coworkers!

I work tomorrow 10am-6pm and thankfully I won’t see her or the manager... but I will see the owner.
It should be a peaceful day but who knows what awaits me.
Lately it’s always fucking something!

I’m awaiting a call from the new place hopefully today... and honestly if it wasn’t for the fact that it’ll probably be a week or two before I start... I would’ve just quit loyalty or not.

Tomorrow our lovely (🤮) Governor is holding a news conference because like most places nationwide our Covid numbers are spiking again.
I’m trying to be hopeful because another shut down or even a phase back (were currently still in phase 3) will DESTROY our economy!
I’ve heard through the grapevine no closings but we’ll see... I just am so exhausted by the world today.

In other news:
I’m still talking to MG every day and he comes to see me at work quite a bit but we haven’t been alone or even remotely intimate in a month or better.
We’ve both just been really busy with work and on my days off I’m with Sky and honestly not in the mood to entertain.
Even him.
But I do miss him, not gonna lie.
The last time we were “together” was really nice.
I miss that.

He did ask me last night if I wanted to take a day trip to the casino with him.
I’d love that as I love the casino but I’m shocked he even asked... kind of a very public spot for us to go.
If it ever even happens...

I saw Jay a couple weekends ago. We’re fine when we don’t see each other a lot. Had a good time actually... great sex.
But sex was never really the issue.

I haven’t really been out or very social since going back to work but working in a bar does that.

Sky us adjusting to hybrid learning... there have been a few positive cases in her school but no one in her class or grade even.
She’s such a good kid and doing so well in school.
She makes me immensely proud!

My grandson turns two on Friday! How even???
But he’s so sweet... he’s starting to talk and hearing him call me GiGi and get excited to see me brightens my world!

My sons are well...
Peyton turned 24 in September and Hunter 26 the 2nd of this month.
That’s mind blowing! 🤯

My mom is good... meddling and micro-management queen as always but that’s just her... I’ve accepted that about her a long time ago.
We’re super close and I see her almost daily still... she’s my pain in the ass rock.

But that’s about it... life is good minus the drama at work which hopefully will be “handled” until the new job starts up!

Hope all is well out there if anyone even still reads my journal lol.

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