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Racontuese by Lovely Assistant
May 2005
1finding self
2in response...
6nothin but blue sky
8observations...slice of life
9soul mate
10the quest for knowledge
13lots o thoughts
16Manic Monday/Survivor
17an ordinary Tuesday
18 round and round (wheels and other stuff)
20philosophies of a introspective nature
24bye bye, DSM, HELL-O MB!
31You're all chips AND a bag of that

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philosophies of a introspective nature
May 20, 2005

One thing that pisses me off is when trees are chopped down and then the streets are named after the dead trees. Does this make ANY sense? Reminds me of the song that goes something like..."they paved paradise to put in a parking lot...chopped down the trees and put them in a tree museum, charge the people a dollar and half to see 'em." With the way I feel about ecology, recycling and mother earth, this just burns my ass. Yes, in fact I am a tree hugger-fucking murdering assholes. I know what's going on with the rain forest in South America and I could just cry. I know, I know...expansion, progress, yaud, yada, yada... and in some places reforesting is a huge effort, which I applaud. Is it enough? What about our ozone? Pollution and the like? What can one woman do about it? It would seem red tape and bureaucracy prevail. Isn't this a global problem? Greenpeace has it's place, but what about the U.N? Is this even their jurisdiction? rant...

I was reading an article today about adult illiteracy, this is another problem breaking my heart. Here, where I live and in fact at the University I plan to attend, there is a fabulous adult center. The subject of the article was a particular man who's life has been vastly improved by the center. I downloaded the application to volunteer there months ago. I haven't submitted it yet. Now would be a good time, don't you think? I simply cannot imagine not being able to read. How does one function? The article outlined the man's frustration and listed his coping strategies. I think, no, I believe, because I love words so much and am awed often by their power, that it is my responsiblity to give back to those less fortunate. In some deep part of me, I feel that way about most everything. So, the karmic circle perpetuates itself.

Then, we have chaos theory...very deep subject and while I do believe everything has an effect on everything else, this seems to be really hard to get my head around. How can a butterfly flapping it's wings in one place set off a tornado somewhere else? I mean it is entirely possible, even probable, but, for some reason I think things aren't that inner related. What the hell do I know? Not much in the grand scheme of things, but the passion for aquiring new knowledge can be overpowering to me sometimes, almost a drug-like stupor. (having only smoked pot, a couple of hits of coke and some speed...would I really be qualified to compare?)

Proof here that I am a complex creature. I should be wigging out about now, due to the last minute things I need to accomplish before I leave. But no. In fact, today, I had a great conversation with one S, Les about how to improve NAFTA for the benefit of the US (outsourcing) and Mexico (slowing the influx of immigrants) We also discussed Chaucer's "Cantabury Tales" and expounded the virtues of NPR programs.
I realize this is going to sound rather arrogant...but, it would seem that I have begun to attract persons with a higher intelligence level. Perhaps subconsciously I set forth to do so. Some one suggested this is the reason for using my vast vocabulary and my propensity to use "unique" words. Do I agree? To some extent, yes. I have tried to overcome my redneck/backwater upbringing. Not that there's anything wrong with simple folks, I just aspire for more. I'm serious, I have this overwhelming desire to learn. And the more I learn, the more I want and the more I realize I have the responsiblity to learn all that I can, and to pass this knowledge along to the ones who need it the most. If I could afford it, I would quit my job and become a career student. But, I shall do my best and continue my erudition; seeking, ever searching.
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