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Racontuese by Lovely Assistant
August 2006
2enjoying the wait
3another zinger
7Hold onto your hats...this is good :)
9Happy 2nd journal anniversary
10 to be a goddess. . .
14Monday's missive
16Back to School. . .
17Shakespearian Math
19Euphonious Eventide
24adventures await
25of madness
28game on
29two thoughts
30encephalon's prolix

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Monday's missive
August 14, 2006

I wish I could say I was feeling vibrant, joyful and full of energy, but, alas, quite the opposite is true. I'm not quite sure what's going on in the ol' bod except that according to my calculations I am four days late. Earlier in my life that sort of accurance would have thrown me into a state of distraction frought with worry, anxiety and all sorts of other stress. But, now I know that there's some other stress occuring, a blocking of my mind or some mysterious ailment keeping it at bay. This too shall pass.

Yesterday at the library was pretty cool, but very slow. I knew in the back of my mind all of the things librarians do, yet, it's not something you think about often. Some one has to shelve the books and such. My library doesn't use the traditional dewey decimal system. Our books are arranged using the Library of Congress system which is subject, by alpha, by number. For all of us borderline OCD people this makes a bit more sense. Being the Sunday before classes you might say the place was dead-in my eight hours there were maybe 20 people and one of them was MB. I gave him the grand tour. Of course his college library and the one at Drake are much bigger than this one. But, I will be surrounded by volumes of text while I am there. The bummer is during slow times I'm not allowed to study, but on my hour lunch break I can leave the building. (yesterday I came home and had my "lunch")

The weekend supervisor is an odd gal. I haven't quite figured her out but I'm sure in time I shall. Initial impressions don't always make for good story-telling. The other girl I was working with is a marine-biologist major. We've got lots of those here. I think it would be intriguing to take one class-however I don't care to know the mating habits of mollusks and such. Maybe an internship at the aquarium would be a better idea.

I wanted to go over to the campus today and doa run through of my classes. If I'm feeling better and it's not so hot out later, maybe MB and I can go walk around over there.

About two weeks ago, Debbie mailed me ths cool plant in an aluminum can. It says on the can that the pod will have a message printed on it when it sprouts. You're supposed to keep it watered and in a sunny locale. So today I was looking at it and under the "soil" I can see this giant pod thingy and one word: Adventure. There's stilll skin on the pod so I have no idea what the rest of the message will be. But it's very cool to watch and wait. What fun to get a gift that keeps giving. Debbie said she gave one to her aunt and it's growing Creeping Charlie like all over her kitchen. Cool!
On Wednesday, the same day I start classes, Debbie and pals will be in transportation orientation without me. This makes me a little sad. I mean for the past nine years I was a part, a vital part of that team, and this year they'll have to do it with out me. It's a good thing I have class early in the morning, because for so long I've been getting up for school. I have to become a teacher; what would I do with out school?

Looks like MB will be helping to start up another open mic at a little coffee shop not to far from here (it's a suburb of Myrtle Beach) He knows a guy who knows the owner of the shop and so it has been discussed as a place to showcase local talents on Saturdays during the Art Walks. This could turn into just the venue MB's songwriting organization has been looking for. Now that summer is just about over people will be back to their usual ways of life and perhaps he/they can launch thier projects. MB is trying to finish up his tracks so that he can press album #2. I'm so excitied for him. It takes a lot of hard work and again a lot of behind the scenes stuff you wouldn't normally think of. I am glad I get to be a part of the journey and offer what nominal bits of input I do provide. I can't wait to hear the final product.

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