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Racontuese by Lovely Assistant
August 2006
2enjoying the wait
3another zinger
7Hold onto your hats...this is good :)
9Happy 2nd journal anniversary
10 to be a goddess. . .
14Monday's missive
16Back to School. . .
17Shakespearian Math
19Euphonious Eventide
24adventures await
25of madness
28game on
29two thoughts
30encephalon's prolix

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encephalon's prolix
August 30, 2006

I’ve been thinking and well that’s usually dangerous. Just kidding, but I have been known to set off the smoke alarm with my powers of thought. Ok, not really. However, sometimes I get into thinking and my sense of hearing is pretty much non existent. Nevertheless, here are a few of my thoughts in no particular order;

If pens are for words and pencils for numbers, then why do I write in my checkbook with a pen? For that matter, why do I do crossword puzzles in ink? My mother said I was vain to do so. I’d like to think I was confident enough to put the right letters in the boxes in the first place. And, I loathe erasable ink pens. By golly if you’re gonna use a pen be sure of what you want to write. Back in the day, think about the folks who wrote with quill and ink-better know exactly what you want to write there, ‘cause I’m not sure when correction fluid was invented. A word about pencils, I do not like the automatic pencil with the refillable leads-jeeze, that’s a pain. I’m somewhat of a purist when it comes to my writing utensils. A word though, I am a notorious pen thief; a curse I inherited from my mother-Divine rest her soul.

I love Alton Brown’s shows on Food Network. Not only is he a handsome fellow (in a weird modern Marlboro man/Bill Nye the Science Guy sort of way) he has flames painted on his standing mixer. How freakin’ cool is that? MB’s grandma says he’s squirrelly or referred to him by equating him to some other rodent. But, yes dear girl, he does have an offbeat sense of humor which endears me to the lad even further; Creative Genius in my opinion. I’ll always take the talented goofball over the hunky dude-no contest there.

In Philosophy, we chatted briefly (read, a casual mention in passing) about Occam’s Razor. It goes something like this-in logical thinking, we shave off (hence the razor) unneeded entities from theories. In other words, we shouldn’t assume the existence of anything that’s not needed to explain said phenomena. They (the writers of my textbook) expound: Other things being equal, the simpler a hypothesis is the fewer assumptions it makes. It sounds really complicated, doesn’t it? In actuality we use this verbose gobble-dee-gook , but in a backwards ass manner. Say you’ve got yourself a dilemma. You always start with the simplest explanation, right? Is it plugged in? Is it turned on? Are there fresh batteries in there, etc. etc, et al. William of Occam lived a VERY long time ago in a Scotland even Hollywood couldn’t make pretty. Philosophy intrigues me. Lots of things do. My professor is probably a tad bit older than I and his office is stuffed full of old books and political cartoons. Yet he listens to live streaming indie internet radio and pokes fun at Latin phrases by using his Beavis impersonation. (Refer to aforementioned talented goofball comment)

At the same station, but on a different train of thought, I once knew a guy who said that the Old Testament prophets were a bunch of old dead dudes and their stories didn’t much matter. I sort of thought the same things about philosophers. However, scientific method and logic reasoning seem like Greek. (Oh wait, they are, DUH…*slaps forehead*) Besides, thinking about thinking only SEEMS like a waste of time. [side note…my math professor said only two things came from Greece: math and homosexuality. I beg to differ, there’s gyros, fraternities, mythologies and architecture oh yeah and the Oracle at Delphi…so there, neener-neener :p] And philosophy gave us Sorren Kierkegaard. I’m not sure yet what his contributions were, just that he was a philosopher and his name while it doesn’t have the dots over the O, is fun to say nonetheless.

The dishwasher has its rattle and hum on and I believe Bill (Shakespeare) is calling me to finish Romeo and Juliet. An antic dote before I take my leave…I wondered aloud while reading said play, just who would get married and then run off to a tavern where a fight breaks out, two people are murdered, and then flee to the clergyman? MB said, without hesitation, (gotta love this guy)… “Most Italians.” The writers for The Sopranos got nothin’ on Bill’s prose. Forget-about-it!!!
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