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Racontuese by Lovely Assistant
June 2008
4mainly goals, but added accoutrements
5Okay, class...
6stream of consciousness
7Drunken Jack
15randoms and recaps
17color theory with Homi Baba
23perhaps full-circle
25puppy kisses
26real quick...

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Okay, class...
June 5, 2008

She said it will be the most intense 18 months of our lives. She said we'll feel imbalanced for a while and to prepare now for it. She also said the more organized you are, the better you will do. Um, okay.

I've mentioned the fingerprinting, right? Well, that's actually free. What costs seventy-five dollars is the background check the FBI does on you. Holy Shit, the FBI!!!

There's a state SLED (background) check as well, but that is for the three weeks of interning we'll do in the fall, one in October, the other two right before Thanksgiving. Then, in the spring is when we do the internship seminar worth nine (9) credits. That's why we need the FBI background check-the school districts here in South Carolina require it. Um, okay.

I heard about cleanliness and presenting a professional appearance, about being organized and how I (or any one else) could be kicked out of the MAT program. It's a good thing I worked for a school district before, not that I didn't listen to Dr. P while she was talking, but, it served as a reinforcement of many things I already knew.

She rambled on about being a representative of the University and a level of professionalism, how to check your attitude and things of that nature. She mentioned there were certain lifestyle restrictions placed upon a teacher, but she never said we'd be role models and when the last bell of the day rings doesn't mean your job is over. The truth is, you're a teacher and thusly a representative of the school (and the University until actually hired) twenty-four hours a day. No days off, unless you are in a different city and even then you can't always be sure your behavior won't be noticed by some one. It's a huge commitment.

When we lived in Texas, our house was right next door to the school's administration building and my stupid X would come in off the graveyard shift and stand in the front yard drinking beer with the neighbor, while I'm driving by in my bus. Aaaaaaaack! I hard a hard time getting him to understand that I had to be above reproach-his behavior and choices as much as I hated it reflected on me and how the members of the community would judge me.

I've always been a believer that people in the public venues or those serving the public must remember that little eyes watch every move. They want to be like you and they WILL mimic your behavior. That's why I get so upset when I see famous people or elected officials acting like a bunch of idiots. And we wonder why our children behave in the ways that they do. If it's okay for So and So to act this way, then I can do it too (or something equally as stupid).

Now, I'm not saying every kid acts this way or all parents turn a blind eye and don't actually discuss the behavior and repercussions of XYZ-but some just don't give a shit.
Those are the ones that piss me off. It's a big, fucking, scary, weird, dangerous world out there and you have to be smart about your choices and how you present yourself. Yes, that means you; today, tomorrow, forever. Period.

That's not really what I wanted to write about today, but you know sometimes I go off on tangents and I recognize (much to my dismay sometimes) there's a lot of my father's philosophy coming out of me. But, the old man was right and I should tell him so. It would make his day.

I guess fore-warned is fore-armed and I can begin tackling this next leg of the journey. Looks like I'm going to have to have another talk with MB about my level of commitment to anything other than school. I KNOW and I APPRECIATE to no end how much he supports me. I seriously question how much of this I could do without him.

Tomorrow, day 2 of orientation. This time it's focused on our content area and meeting with our advisor. Stay tuned...

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