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Racontuese by Lovely Assistant
September 2008
1the storms of September
2In the cough of the night & more
4sigh of relief
6Riding the storm out
9big noise, little house
13cerebral download
14Silver Lining
16Consider this
19small triumphs
21Molly adopted a Flogging bear
25* a question
29and now for the...usual & today's small triumph
30- wake me up when September ends...

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In the cough of the night & more
September 2, 2008

Rarely, if ever am I up at this ungodly hour.(it is now 3:08 AM) I had a coughing fit and am now wide awake. I got out of bed so MB could sleep, he has to work today. I don't have to be at the library until 1.

We went to the Pelican's last regular season game. They won 5-3 at the very last part of the game. We left right at the beginning of the 9th as my cold medicine had worn off and I was feeling just yucky.

Before that we went to Sam's Club and got a membership and just wandered around, checking prices and such. We're going back on South Beach and well, let's face it, the club is a good place to get a lot of meat cheap.

I wanted to spend the weekend cleaning and doing a few fun things. We did manage to see the Palmetto State Rollergirls kick some ass, Saturday night. One of my former professors is on the team as are a couple of ladies from the library. HA! Librarians as quiet shy people, oh the secret lives they lead! I tell you it's all a facade.

Artsy girl used to be on the team too, but I guess there was a personality conflict and she left the team. Lord help any one who got in her path. (she's 6 foot tall)

I hope I can get the car in fairly early tomorrow to get the brakes done. Friday when I came home they were smelling a bit. I haven't moved the car since then. When I drive it, I still have a lot of control, they just are making the most dreadful noise. I know they're supposed to. I'm ashamed I let it go so long. Bluesman was supposed to do them in trade for me cleaning his old house, but that just hasn't worked out. Oh well. I hope it's not more than 200 bucks.

I have a full day of classes on Wednesday and I hope I am feeling better by then. The crazy thing is, I don't actually feel bad; a tiny bit achy and my nose is running and stuffy at the same time. I swear bodies are a weird thing. I'm sneezing and coughing which is why I think it has to do with allergies rather than something else. But, hell, I don't know. Better to get it over and done with earlier, before I have to be in the classroom.

1:26 PM
Not coughing any more, went to the student health center and got some kick ass cough syrup, no sigh of infection, just a bad allergy attack.

I didn't have to wait long, just 15 minutes to be seen. I was happy about that and the nurses were so nice, saying a lot pf people are coming in with the same sort of symptoms. There's something icky going on out there.

The car goes in at 7:30 on Thursday morning. The lady at the mechanic's said the job could be as high as 300 bucks, but I don't think so. Maybe, just maybe the rotors aren't grooved too bad and they can be turned. Yhat would save me some dough.

I hate taking my car somewhere to be fixed. Stereotypically, they think because I'm a woman, I haven't a clue what goes on underneath the hood. I do and I know how much the brake parts would have cost me retail, so don't try to screw me over. Labor is 80 bucks an hour, holy shit, I'm in the wrong line of work!

Ann's not here today, I think it was her weekend to work reference desk. Hannah, the other girl who works up here, in the juvenile section, isn't here either, so I am not getting much of anything done. There are still four boxes of stuff to process and then shelve. Whatever, I'll get to it.

I managed to run the dishwasher this morning and tidy up a little bit. The house is still pretty much a mess, and laundry to put away. Hopefully later when I get home I can straighten up a little bit more and do a couple loads of wash. I also want to check and see what else I need to read for tomorrow. MB has a school board (bored) meeting tonight so I don't expect him until 9 or so.

Sounds exciting doesn't it?
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