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Racontuese by Lovely Assistant
January 2014
2An Evening with The Avett Brothers
5Words to Hear
9going back
12everything in its place
16hey, what's going on?/Update
23same ole
28the Monday that was

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hey, what's going on?/Update
January 16, 2014

UPDATE: A while ago, I wrote that Brian's dad was losing his sight, but no one knew why. He's spent quite a bit of time with specialists in Charleston who have determined he has a tumor on his pituitary glad which is pressing on the optic nerve. He'll have surgery later this month. My hope is that once the tumor is out (please don't be cancer)his sight comes back. I'm not asking for hawk-like acuity, but enough so that he can see colors and shapes. Prayers and good vibes would be greatly appreciated.

I can't tell you how much he has come to mean to me. He might be a curmudgeon on the surface, but he is very kind and supportive to me. I haven't had that much in my life, especially from men. I deeply respect him and value his opinion.

Before I start to cry...

HA! Well, I thought have classes just three days a week would slow my life down a little, but it true form I decide to take on more!!

I'm taking the group fitness instructor certification; the test is in a week, and I learned about it a few days ago. Layne and Tara (the director at the gym) offered to help me with it. It feels rushed, and the test is $209 (there goes my Christmas money), but I've wanted this for a while now, and I actually have the money to do's the time.

Retrogirl mentioned a while back that she was looking for women to participate in a production of 'The Vagina Monologues'and would I be interested. Hell yes Yes I told her. Well, yesterday she officially invited me to participate. We will perform on February 21.

But, before that happens, Bluesman will be back in town-I'm not sure of the exact dates, but I know he has a show at the PIT on February 13. It will be nice to see him, hand out and catch up. I'm so glad he broke up with that stoopid woman he was seeing. Last time he was here he was talking her up about how she'd changed and whatnot, but I just knew in my heart of hearts that leopard hadn't changed her spots. No
But, because I love him, I encouraged his happiness; it's what friends do after all. She never did jive or click with the rest of us, and anytime we saw her she was drunk or incredibly quiet/guarded.

Anyway, we have the trip to Charleston to see Alton Brown on the 26th which is also Bluesman's birthday. I see us celebrating the weekend before if he's still here.

I have three classes, three days a week and 66 students. There's some weird, symbolic number thing going on, but I don't know what. We seem to getting off to a good beginning. I have many former students. This makes me incredibly happy.

And with that, there's things to do...always Smile

Mad Love,


Strange day:
I was working on school stuff interspersed with filling out my study guide for the fitness instructor test when I realize it's time to get Connor. He had early dismissal from school, and well I spent 20 minutes out in the cold only to realize he must be at the neighbors house because I was late picking him up. Holy crap! I had the wrong time. No

He's not feeling well, coughing and had a fever: super whiny. So, we went to the megamarket to get him some pain reliever and cough syrup. He keeps telling me he wants to nap. ??? okay, so I get him home, dope him up, get his pjs on and put him to bed. He falls right out. I text his mom go get a ride home because the kid is OUT!

She calls me about a half hour later, and says, "I need you to come and pick me up right now; I cut myself and need stitches." Oh holy hell!!

So, wake the whiny ass up, put on his shoes and jacket, grab a drink, and we're off. I take her to the doc-in-a-box as requested by employer. She spends and hour there-gets a Tetanus shot and the doc glues her cut fingers together. Connor sleeps the whole time.

While we were waiting, the department secretary calls me, asks me if I can check my email. I say no, so she says, "Dr. B needs to reassign a section of 102, she wanted to know if you wanted it. She asked me to call you. I called Brian to tell you, but I got his voice mail. Dr. B needs to know by 5pm. What do you say?"

"Yes, of course, I'll take it!"

"Okay, I'll tell her we talked and you've verbally accepted. I'll get the paperwork going, and let you know what that's ready."

"Wow! Okay thanks."

"Have you a pen for info? Never mind, I'll just email it to you."

Small talk...small talk. Say our goodbyes.

WHAT!!! Surprised This is an answered request to the Universe. Apparently, some one has fallen ill and had to leave. Dr. B wanted to give me "first dibs" to quote her. Surprised Now, I don't know who has fallen ill, and I certainly wish them a speedy recovery whatever the ailment. But, this is really going to help us financially. The switch has already been made in the master schedule.

So Jumping for joy Jumping for joy Jumping for joy

Love and Belief~

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