Today is July 21, 2019
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Racontuese by Lovely Assistant
August 2018
1nugget of truth
3early morning gratitudes
4the tiny savior
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12thinking here
15kitty's big day
17I've arrived?
21first day birthday
26week in review

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first day birthday
August 21, 2018

Yesterday went really well. I left the house 45 minutes before I had to be in class. I was worried about traffic, parking, and getting my head in the game. The commute is a measly six miles, however, with so many people working at the beach for a plethora of reasons plus tourists getting anywhere can be a bitch. Turns out I had 25 minutes to spare, I found a good parking spot, so I decided to go up to the office (it's on the third floor after all) drop off my lunch and laptop since I didn't want to schlep either all about the campus.

My office mate was in. I wasn't expecting her but no worries. We made nice chit chat, but even better, the IT guys came and hooked up my phone, installed my desktop, and moved my desk. Okay, I didn't order a desktop. No one asked me my preference, and you know what, I don't care!!! I have a working computer in my office! AND, the IT guys had to move my desk to access the outlet/internet thing. The set up isn't optimum, but it's better and now for sure, I can fit a bookshelf in there without blocking the light switch or thermostat. So, double yay for IT!!

I'd forgotten how much fun it is to be on the main campus all day. I have to traverse the quad twice, and oh my how many people I saw! former students waving and saying hi, some stopping for a hug, other professors I don't normally see. And, I was out in the sun (fyi: it was fucking hot yesterday) enjoying the grass, trees, and flowers. The campus is beautiful.

My 10 and 1 o'clock classes are in the same room in a swanky new building which mostly holds science classes of all kinds. And upon closing the classroom door, I had an ADD moment when I noticed the classroom across the hall has a mastodon skull in it! I just had to announce it to the class too. Nobody seemed as impressed as I was. At that moment, I realized there's some BIG learning going on at my Uni, not that I didn't think so before, but much like my name being discussed a few days ago, it was another sign dropped by the powers that be.

I tried something new with the classes, instead of boring everyone with syllabus talk, we bonded by learning some commonalities and asking me questions. Of course, I covered a few super important things but left most of the drudgery for Wednesday. Yesterday was about fostering community. We'll see how it pans out. I'm hopeful though. If I had to pick a favorite thus far, it's the 10:00. But, we'll see, they were all good.


Today is Connor's eleventh birthday Surprised
I know!!
He starts fifth grade tomorrow Surprised
I know!!

I can't be with him today and am so sorry I didn't go out there this summer. I'll call him later to talk. I thought his party was this past Sunday, but there weren't any pictures on fb, so I don't know. Maybe it this upcoming Sunday??

Anyway, I know he'll probably never see this, but I want everyone to know, he means so much to me. I worry about him all the time, wondering what he's up to, and thinking that he's a pretty cool kid despite his mother's actions/attitude/life choices. I want him to have a fantastic birthday and enjoy the prezzies I got for him. I can't help but wish he lived closer; I'd take him to all kinds of stuff, and talk about life and being a good human. Nothing takes the place of spending time together.

I wish him a fantastic birthday and a super cool fun day at middle school tomorrow. I hope he likes all of his teachers and makes some great new friends.


I'm off today, got some prep work to do for Wednesday, got a few errands to run, and I'm having lunch with Brian and Mar(of MarVin) and son. It'll be great to catch up!


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