Today is July 16, 2018
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just a glimpse.... by LeighLaren
October 2017
8My Sister

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My Sister
October 8, 2017

Hello October!

My sister is making so angry. Well, maybe not angry but I just don't understand how someone so wonderful can be so incredibly insecure.

She is in the middle of a divorce, nothing is moving along and I feel like trouble is brewing there. In the meantime she has met someone else, online of course, and he lives on the opposite coast. She is planning on moving there in February and nothing will change her mind. She barely knows this person in reality, yet she is willing to pick up her whole life and move there. Away from family, friends, her awesome new job, her totally cute apartment.

She has had so many problems since leaving her husband almost a year ago. Now that things are starting to look her way here, she wants to leave. Her new boyfriend is some sort of line cook slash personal trainer, nothing career minded...where she is totally on a career path, making awesome money with a lot of prospects at her company. She really does have a great apartment, a new car, I just don't get it at all.

He only has his mom and a couple friends where he lives. We have a huge, close family and my sister has tons of friends. He doesn't have any career ambition, seemingly. Our mother is in decline, yet my sister wants to just leave? This is it, this is the ONLY time we will have with my mom. If they are truly in love and want to spend their lives together, why can't he come here for 6 months as a trial period. There are plenty of job opportunities here, my sister is established in her home, her life, he could easily transition.

She wants to run away, she has never done well with any kind of confrontation or "real life". I just don't want her to get out there with no job, no home of her own, no friend, no support system, just him, and then what happens when they fight or she realizes she made a mistake?

I guess I am angry at her lack of utilization of any semblance of common sense. She is 38 years old and her maturity level is that of a 19 year old, pretending to be an adult and not doing so with a lot of success.

When she got married last time, I kept my mouth shut when I knew it was wrong. We all did. She asked me to never do that again, but I know I need to approach this gently with her, and at the right time. I will, I feel like it is my duty to protect my sister. It's just so difficult! I love both of my sisters so much. One is already across the country, one wants to be as well. I guess I am not enjoying this whole "adulting" thing either.

Yet again, I just sighed aloud.
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