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February 2018

No More Scritches
February 22, 2018

Got another walk in last night. A mile again.
I wanted to add another lap but told myself to take it easy.

Iím going to have to stop taking that diuretic, no matter how well it works. Starting last Saturday I started getting this itching, burning rash. I can only trace it back to the diuretic, and getting a skin rash is one of the possible side effects of the medication, and Iím supposed to stop taking it and inform my doctor.
I looked at some pictures of the rash online, and good god I can never imagine living with it if it progressed to what I saw.

Other than that, most of the stuff has been done, financially, to where I can pick up the keys to the new apartment. I drove by there before taking my walk last night, to see if some of the reviews I saw online about what some tenants perceived as the place needing better lighting were true. I agreed with the tenants...itís a bit dark. Itís in a low crime area, though, so Iím not worried for myself.

Egad...itching again. This rash is the kind that just all of a sudden, itís time to scratch...very annoying.

Donít know what Iím going to do with all of that space at the new place. The kitchen is small and bare bones. Stove, fridge, dishwasher, sink.
The bathrooms seemed small, but you only need so much room, I guess.
Then thereís the living room, two bedrooms and the dining room to stare back at me with empty walls.
Iím beyond the stage of co-habitation at this point in my life. I would only do it if it was absolutely necessary. That is how much people annoy me.
Wish I would have realized that many years ago. It would have saved me a lot of irritation and turmoil.
by Zombalaya
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