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Precious Moments
February 15, 2008

Well,well,well! I did receive one Happy Valentines' wish, after all. I did not receive any mail from the postal service. I phoned and reminded two of my three sons of what day it was. I had gathered up some last minute whites to add to my wash, forgot I was toting around my most private of all cell phones, and dropped it into the tub already filled with water. Although I quickly retrieved doesn't work. That means I may have received a long overdue phone call. Soon, I will take it to a local cell phone place to have it fixed, or replaced. I really must, as that particular phone has over 600 minutes of talk time in it. I projected that may be how long it may take for Him to explain how nearly a two year lapse qualifies as his His next phone call was to be "Soon". Oh, how silly! He never did say His next call was going to be to me! He probably did phone someone soon after chit chatting with me. LOL! Oh, what a relief to have solved that mystery!

I was reading someone's journal, and it seems that some psycho pays others to humiliate her. She even arranged for her to have the day off to look for some Dave, or some Dave was looking for her and, maybe, I can't imagine why, but, she was not to be keeping her routine by going to less place for him to have to look, I guess. She's not really upset about this predictament as people do her that way all the time! She must be important, as the psycho lady has spent a fortune to try to upset her. The only thing worse would be for her to unknowingly receive a one way ticket to the internet's designated #1-Misery City. Quite frankly, I think that would be the frugal thing for the psycho to do...people here don't really want to work as that interferes with Welfare stipends that many families have accrued over many generations of documented sorrows and disabilities. Of course this is hearsay, as that is what many coworkers complain about when they find themselves employed, having to live without their previous Welfare Benefits-housing,clothing,groceries,vehicles,education,medical tx inclusive of prescriptions,surgeries,hospitalizations,etc. Those complainers soon find ways to be discharged or whatever it takes to get onto Unemployment Benefits eventually exhausting that then gainfully qualifying to and actually returning to Welfare Benefits! Because it is best to be broke, all the psycho lady need do is to talk with a few of Misery City's citizens, and leave her bank book home! Yes, that sounds like a plan to me! Of course, if i should come across the cojournaler here, because I am somewhat streetwise to this situation, she could stay with me. That would give her some rest time.

Speaking of which, I need some too. That is, if I am to get up and go to work, at the crack of dawn! That is my immediate plan for the next four consecutive days. Hopefully, I will remember to stop off at the mobile phone service place, on the way home. It would be a crying shame to lose those what could be, Precious Moments!

Well, I did as planned. I, once again, have a cell phone that is exclusively private. Only I phone it, just to make sure it really works. Once or twice, my youngest accidently called it, over this past year. He didn't speak more than one or two minutes...never does....never will exceed that...that's just him. And, that's ok.

I'd like to, but I can not blabber about how work went, today. Yes, the majority of the time did revolve around the Patient From Hell, and her family. All very unreal, but...can't talk about it...
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