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March 2009
1March marching in...
5Nothing else...
8Growing Fonder?
14...most rewarding!!!!!!!!
16...dying soul...
17that means...
18try NOT to forget
19American Idol Going......MOTOWN!
20American Idol's MOTOWN Week- U/upcumming
21me, me, me too?
25Incestual Music it
28...get a grip
29...four Large bags...
31The Decency...
...dying soul...
March 16, 2009

Out of the blue, calls Gourmet Chef yesterday night. What kind of ESP is that, when all along I was thinking, 'Young Dom....Young Dom.....Young Dom......'?

With connection lines crossed, I did listen to his short comings and accolades. He is newly retired, collecting Social Security from the US in one breath, and claiming allegiance to the Israel Army, in the next. Same old song...His newest diversion is said to be the adoption of six or seven white, long haired dogs each pounding in at one hundred and fifty pounds. The precious previous owner has recently been placed on hospice care, dying of a breast cancer.

Gourmet Chef is glad to have such a grandeur change in his life, in so much as now his loneliness will be filled with bathing Georgia Clay within the new bathtub being installed in his garage bathroom, for the dogs who have a credit line to cover all this, but, also the costs to have them neutered and fed for the remainder of their lives. He shuddered at the idea of them, instead, being bred for profit. He boasted on how when taking them for a walk without needing a leash for any of the bitches, that only one challenged His authority. Quickly, this 59 year old man parted from the group who sat idly by to tackle and to sit upon the belligerent bitch until she recognized His Supremacy.

He complained about His housekeeper being a bitch because she was entertaining a Michigan Gentleman this weekend. It was difficult to ascertain whether it was he or the six dogs occupying the freshly painted bedroom with the 4ft X 4ft window whose view is that of a blossoming Dagwood Tree... He plans to phone again this evening, and I do plan on asking him if he still plans to re-root himself and all his bitches to the land of Israel with the complimenting lifetime promised monies and benefits from America's Social Security along with the animal's anticipated inheritance...

It matters not, as I am wise enough now to realize that I am no longer a real aspect of his life. This does not nearly disappoint me as did Young Dom's reality...So long as the receiver is aware, empty promises nor schemes harm no one. I am so blessed and will continue to work my American career, until I obtain a passport and return to my Ancestors' Home dating back to the Era of Great Britain...That is where and to whom my heartfelt dying soul belongs.

After grocery shopping, I was surprised to learn that a three week supply cost me only $89.00. Sometimes I can be so amazing. Both protein and starches. That's right, I still need only to remember to buy dishwasher solvent. Let's hope the Dollar Store holds true to it's name!

The gourmet chef did keep his word about calling back. I was too exhausted to answer the phone at 5PM, so, I did not. I did not listen to his voice mail until nearly 11:30PM. Thinking that because, he is on heart medication that a return call that, perhaps, I'd better not. So, I have not.

Edward did not leave a voice mail on my popular cell phone. For that, I have no reason to phone him back, at this late hour. During this episode of wakefulness, I am in the process of doing laundry.

I do not care that the neighboring condo renter may be disturbed by my machinery. Every day, up until nearly 8PM I must listen to their children romping around. They have only one child, but take care of the neighborhood's children whilst those parents go to work. I never had such a good support system and this is all the more reason to allow it to go on. I am funny that way. Whatever I felt cheated about during my lifetime, I do things for others so they do not grow old with the same wrinkles in their lives. It does not matter that they may not be American born nor Caucasian. My sense of rightfulness, applies to all, relatives or not.

I have no idea of why my path has crossed with Young Dom's. I can bring, nor offer any Goodness to Him. He has shyed Himself off out of existence. Perhaps, this is the Goodness He has bestowed upon me.

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