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April 2009
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April 17, 2009

It was difficult to sleep today, as the neighbor children were just outside my door, on the sidewalk. Apparently someone had given them a soccer ball. I was surprised that being of Eastern European citizenship, they were bouncing it over and over and over, on the cement! Whenever it pounced loudly, one of the younger children would scream....and not of delight!

It was not until I went outside, went to the store and returned, that they decided to take the toy to the long, green grasses, of the backyards, behind the adjacent building. Alas, a game of soccer was going on! And, now that it has returned to being quiet, I am not the least bit sleepy.

It looks like Hell's Kitchen may be on the agenda, for tonight. There was an interesting preview, last night, of an ambulance about to leave the sight of it's kitchen. Actually, it was outside of it. Lord, Chef Gordon did not appear to be injured, thank heavens! That would be a shame, considering I haven't met with the man yet!

Speaking about chefs, have not heard from the one that wanted me to go to Georgia to care for him, post hip replacement. He was supposed to have the surgery in March, and then again when the time got closer, it changed to April! Last he spoke on the bedroom with the dagwood tree out side the window, he had finished painting it. He was using it to room ten thoroughbred dogs he was inheriting from a closer friend that was about to die from breast cancer. If he were smarter, he would have adopted a few Huskies to pull him around in a cart, or something like that to take my place. Yes, that would have been more helpful to him. Maybe, I'll give him a ring tonight, as, I'm not the least bit sleepy...

I almost had three hook-ups, last night, but, there was something awry with every one of those, too! At one chat room, I offered to go to the man's work place this evening whilst wearing my denim mini--skirt, black thigh highs-risking chafing my pantiless bottom from the denim! He left the chat room and did not phone. At another chat room, I asked a get if he minded I sit on his lap, as there was standing room, only. Next, I was picking myself up off the ground, brushing cigarette butts off the back of my mini, as he had, 'poofed', without warning! I saw another friend had signed in at the IM window, so, I gave him a call. He said he had just gone to bed without signing out. Not wanting to disturb him, I offered to fix supper for him tonight. He hemmed and hawed, until I asked had he found a steady girlfriend, yet. He denied such luck, and asked me to phone back, this afternoon. Before leaving that site, I looked at his updated profile to see that he had travelled 354 miles to meet up with a named female who came back here to stay for eight days, and that they were in the process of buying a home! Geesh! And, to think that I only live one mile, from him. Needless to say, I did not return the call, this afternoon! And, so goes the story with locals! American men suck! All talk, and no action-not my cup of tea!

Well, it's pretty near time to cook up some dinner...think I'll just get Burger King, or something... Is it no wonder American women are fat????

At the last minute, I changed my mind and direction to go to a chicken shack, instead of the king of burgers. I got home just in time to see that it was the most fat contestant at Hell's Kitchen, who was being rushed to the hospital-and it happened while they were all dining out! After a period of four days or so, he voluntarily has left the program. Oh, well. If nothing else, I did enjoy the broasted potatos and chicken.

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