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Confessions of a Neurotic Single Mom by Homemade
October 2006
2Heachache forming....
3I would DO anything for LOVE.....
4Morning Routine
5October 5, 2006
11rainy day in PA
14Up Early
15funny STUFF
17Playing catch up
23the white stuff
24YaY!!!!/ I didnt find it funny
29DST, love it!
30Monday Monday

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Morning Routine
October 4, 2006

Usual morning routine. Playing with the alarm clock from 615 to 630am. Crawling out of bed and going into the bathroom. Going into J's room, waking him up, 3 times. Im fully awake by 645am when the first sip of coffee crosses my lips.

J gets his school pictures taken today. I always get them a new shirt for the occasion, and last night we went to walmart and he picked his own out. Almost the same color he got his pictures taken in last year. I tried to get him to pick something else, but he wasn't budging. After we got home, and had time to think about it, i thought it was pretty cool he was picking out his own stuff, it lead me to believe he's starting to care a wee bit about what he looks like, and thats a BIG BIG feat for him. So, yanno, im cool with it. He is coming out of his little shell, slowly, and i likey it. Smile big SMILE.

I got N and D out of bed by 715am, they usually dont give me to much grief. I throw some clothes at N and he gets dressed, all i have to say to D is, "Im picking your clothes out" and she comes running. oh joy! lol The only morning routine i HATE is doing her hair. Oh lord. Its long, curly, and a real pain in the ass. I've been combing it back and braiding it when she gets out of the shower at night, it use to tame it, but now... its not working. I think she needs some of it cut off. when she was five, she found herself a pair of sissors and cut most of it off one day while i was on the phone with Social Security. All she had left was a few curls in the back that she couldnt reach.

I was devastated, to say the least. D has always been defined by her hair. I used to call her "poof head" lol I called my mom, crying my eyes out, begging her to come and pick her up i was that upset with her. Mom came and took her away, and when she brought her back, her hair was sporting a fresh short SHORTER hair cut. Dave and I found her hair in the garbage can, she hid it, she must of known that i'd be very mad at her. lol

But anyways, after taming the hair, i threw them both outside to the bus. I've made their beds and trying to finish up the laundry before i go to work this afternoon. I swear i do more on the mornings before i go to work, then i do when im off. No clue why.

Well, once again i have Music Choice on, and Johnny Gill's "Rub you the right way" is on, 1990. GOD that was a lifetime ago. I think Im going to go fold some clothes.

I feel... old.
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